Saturday, 3 March 2018

Daur-e-Jadeed Mein Mulhidon Ki Tadaad Mein Izafa Kiyon? | By Younus AlGohar


Sayedi Younus AlGohar explains the many reasons behind the increase in Atheism and Agnosticism in the modernised, scientific era we live in today.
Main Points:

- Intellectuals and think tanks of the world have done extensive research on the matter of religion. When they saw that God is just an angry, wrathful being whose favourite pastime is destroying and annihilating nations, they became skeptical of God. They saw that religions do nothing but brainwash people so they became weary and distanced themselves from religiosity.

- The path that leads to God is an incredibly difficult one. Those who were incapable of finding the path concluded that God does not exist. And then, seeing how religious people are hateful towards one another made their disbelief in God concrete.

- The main reason behind the increase in atheism and agnosticism is the fact that Spirituality, the essence of all religions, has exited the religions. Without Spirituality people cannot reach God; if people cannot reach God they doubt the existence of God.

- If Spirituality was still the dominant part of religions, there would be no hatred, no divisions because the hearts of humanity would be enlightened and brimming with Divine Light. The religions have become useless and harmful without spirituality.

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