Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Imam Mehdi Na Nabi Hain Na Wali Hain Phir Un Ka Maqam Aur Martaba Kiya Hai?

The religion of Islam is complete: Why must we await Imam Mehdi (as)? What will Imam Mehdi bring which is not already available? Younus AlGohar's detailed lecture on the rank and duty of Imam Mehdi (as).

Main points:

- All those who say Imam Mehdi is a prophet are infidels. Prophet Mohammad (saw) declared that there is no prophet after him. Prophet Mohammad is the one who told us about the Awaited Imam Mehdi so those who adulterate the statement of Prophet Mohammad are rejectors of the Finality of the Prophet and the Koran.

- Imam Mehdi (as) will neither be a prophet nor a saint because prophethood, messenger-hood and sainthood has been terminated. Imam Mehdi will be God’s Caliph and a Sufi. This is what is written in the prophetic Traditions: When Gabriel comes and announces the arrival of Imam Mehdi, he will say 'This is the personality sent to you by God and He is the Caliph of God.’

- The nation's distance from the religion is the biggest reason for infidelity and polytheism. Those who have become involved in innovations in the religion and polytheism it is a result of the scarcity of the most important knowledge of the religion.  When you have the Koran and the Prophetic Traditions already then the Muslims should think what Imam Mehdi will do?

- What is that special truth which has not arrived yet? We have the Koran, the religion is complete so why do we need Imam Mehdi now? The religion is complete. We know how to offer Salat and perform the pilgrimage of Hajj yet God is going to send Imam Mehdi. It simply means there is something that we do not possess which we will acquire from God through Imam Mehdi.

- People pray day and night but their prayers are not being answered. If the prayers are not being answered what is the guarantee that their worship is reaching God? The reason for this is that the hearts are void of God and inhabited by the Devil. Imam Mehdi is coming to root out the Devil and plant God in your hearts. Imam Mehdi has the monopoly of connecting people to God because nobody else has this authority. Nobody else has this power, so if somebody connects your heart to God, obviously, directly or indirectly, this power is coming to your heart from Imam Mehdi (as).

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