Monday, 12 March 2018

Dunyadar Kon Hai?

Sayedi Younus AlGohar's detailed explanation of the three main categories of human beings in this phenomenal world. Find out which category you fall under today!

Main points:

- There are three different kinds of people in the world: Dunyadar, Taraq ul Dunya and Farigh ul Dunya. The entire humanity is divided in these three categories.

- One whom God has categorised as Dunyadar (materialistic) is Dunyadar whether they are rich or poor. No matter how pious you may  be, if your heart is not enlightened, you are materialistic in God's eyes. When one becomes an Enlightened Heart, the label of 'materialistic' is taken off and one becomes Tariq ul Dunya (they have shunned materialism) even while living in the phenomenal world.

- A Tariq ul Dunya is one whose heart no longer desires materialism and God and his love enter their heart. Such a person is not bothered whether or not they have a luxurious life. Desiring materialism does not mean one wishes to dress well and live well, rather it's about chasing after materialism and shunning God.

- A Prophetic Tradition states: Love for the world is destruction - however, this is only when the desire for the world is in the heart.

- The third category is Farigh ul Dunya of which there are two types: those who have been appointed on duty for the guidance of humanity by God. God takes the responsibility for their provisions and livelihood. And those who make the jungle their abode and do not wish to be appointed amongst human beings who reek of their sinful acts. They would rather stay in the jungles amongst the sin-free animals.

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