Monday, 5 March 2018

Nikah Mutah Aur Nikah Misyar

Younus AlGohar's wisdom on the matter of Nikah Mutah and Nikah Misyar (short-term marriage for pleasure).

Main points:

- Mutah means pleasure. Historically, the Islamic armies would have to travel on foot for lengthy periods of time and Nikah Mutah (short-term marriage) became permissible in order to stop them from committing adultery. It could be from a month up to a year. This was a part of Islam. Many scholars say that this has been terminated whereas some say that it is still allowed.

- One may do Mutah however, the era which we live in does not have room for Mutah, even if you are able to prove that it is permissible how many women would agree to it? Marriage is for a lifetime. There is security in marriage because you have someone to take care of you for the rest of your life. Therefore, Mutah is not practically possible.

- Nikah Misyar is the same thing as Nikah Mutah, they have just changed the name. Regardless of these being permitted, the evil vices which will be introduced to the society because of them are horrifying. There will be no lifetime security for women in this and I believe this is disrespectful to women.

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