Saturday, 10 March 2018

Aajizi Aur Inkasari Kesay Hasil Ki Jaye

Younus AlGohar's explanation of what constitutes true humility and modesty; why human beings are inclined towards wrongdoings and the puppet act we call 'life'.

Main Points:

- People limit humility and modesty to phraseology. Verbally displaying how humble and modest you are does not make you so. Without the knowledge of Spirituality, all modesty and humility is nothing but an act of showing off.

- The Koran says: All good deeds are by virtue of God's grace and all bad deeds are done because of the influence of the Carnal Self. Therefore, you are incapable of doing anything good. If you do something good, it is because of God’s grace. To understand this is humility and when you realise that none of your good deeds come through your own efforts, then any good deed committed by you is free from false pride and boast. This is the fundamental law.

-  The Carnal Self within human beings pushes one to commit bad deeds, and until it has control over the entire body, you will not be granted the ability to do good deeds from God. You must find a Spiritual Guide who can present your Spiritual Heart in the court of God; it shall come under the grace of God and it is granted the name and light of God, and then through the enlightened heart, the Divine Light travels to every nook and cranny of the body and overrides the control of the Carnal Self and your body is then in accordance with God.

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