Saturday, 31 March 2018

Wilayat Ki Iqsam

The Types of Sainthood: Younus AlGohar's explanation of the most important type of sainthood in the eyes of God. Find out how you can become a saint of God today!

Main points:

- Sainthood is of two types, lower grade and higher grade. In the lower grade of sainthood, you are able to converse with God. This conversation is not verbal as this is not the method of speaking with God. Your body was created by the angels whereas your soul was created by God, therefore, he is familiar with the souls not the body. You must enlighten the souls so that God's word is revealed upon them.

- The knowledge of seeing God was revealed along with the arrival of Prophet Mohammad. Seeing God is the higher grade of sainthood and this is mentioned in the Prophetic Traditions. The first knowledge purifies the body and the Carnal Self, and the second knowledge begins with the Spiritual Heart and it will take your Subtlety of Ana to see God. However, it has nothing to do with Islam, it is a knowledge which is part of Prophet Mohammad's being not the religion he established.

- After obtaining the higher grade of sainthood you come under the theophanies of God 360 times a day; you are no longer required to worship in order to generate Divine Energy as a single theophany of God has more Divine Energy  than a lifetime of worship.

- The following stage is Divine Union and this is the point when God becomes closer to you than your own jugular vein. This is obtained after Seeing God through the Subtlety of Ana. After that comes the Rapturous Love of God in which God becomes the love, the lover and the beloved, ie one who is granted the rank of Rapturous Love literally becomes God. One of God's esoteric presence enters you and settles within you.

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