Friday, 2 March 2018

Kaalay Jadoo Ki Kaat


'If someone is under the effect of black magic and they commit sins, who is the culprit? The one who casted black magic or the one under the influence?' - Answered by Younus AlGohar

Main points:

- Black magic is not casted to make people commit sins, rather it for death. If someone casts magic on a person and they begin committing sins, the thing to understand is people commit sins without being under the effect of magic. Magic is not the reason for being sinful, you were not pious before magic was casted on you.

- One who casts magic had nothing to do with Islam. Prophetic Traditions narrate: Those who cast magic deny the Oneness of God. However, they will not be the ones to blame, if you sin then you are responsible for it.

- If you are a true follower of Prophet Mohammad then why do you not have the antidote to magic? You talk about the Koran and Prophetic Traditions all day but you don't have the knowledge to nullify the effects of magic?

- If you are vulnerable to the effects of magic then you are at fault. For example, if you leave the door of your house unlocked and you are a victim of burglary then common sense says you are to blame.

- One who possesses Divine Light cannot be affected by magic even if it casted on them. The Divine Light in their heart nullifies the effects of black magic. It is a clear indication that the Koran has not entered your heart because you become possessed by the Jinns.

- It is said that a Hafiz possesses the Koran in their hearts but even then we have seen many Hafiz who become fraudsters and adulterers. The Koran is not in their hearts, rather, they memorised the Koran by cramming.

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