Thursday, 15 March 2018

Wali Allah Kesay Bantay Hain

Younus AlGohar explains how Allah makes one a Friend (Wali) of Allah (swt).

Main points:

- There is a large group of Muslims who become enraged as soon as the names of saints are mentioned. And they place fatwas of innovations and Shirk and infidelity upon you themselves just because you said you love a certain saint and you respect the saints of God. The interesting thing is that God has mentioned his friendship in the Koran in lengthy details.

- The philosophy of the Koran tells us that there are two types of saints: Divine Saints and Satanic Saints. Why are they called saints? Saint means friend and a friend is one who is close to you. If you are close to God, you are a saint of God and if you are close to the Devil, you are a saint of the Devil.

- If you ask a scholar how you can become a saint of God, they will first laugh at you and then lecture you about offering Salat fives times a day. Whereas, His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi simplified Spirituality, it is as easy as 2+2=4.

- The secret to God's friendship begins with Opening of the Spiritual Heart. This is the first step and after that one is able to converse with God, however, that is the lowest level of sainthood. True sainthood begins with Seeing God. When a person sees God, they are showered with God's theophanies which burns away the past, present and future sins.

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