Friday, 23 March 2018

Shaitani Kaam Aur Gunah Mein Farq

The difference between sins and evil acts explained by Younus AlGohar.

Main points:

- The sins are from the Carnal Self. When you sin you become a sinner but you don’t lose your faith, however, sins are punishable by the religion and God. Nobody becomes an infidel because they have lustful desires.

- God created Satan to destroy your character. The Satan is from the nation of Jinns, he enters into your bloodstream and takes control of your brain and one way of misguiding you would be to tell you incorrect explanations of the Koran. Those who worship extensively but are possessed by Satan will begin to see visions and receive signals which have nothing to do with reality.

- There is a creature in you which is responsible for negative thoughts. It is called Khannas, it sits two inches below the heart and resembles an elephant in appearance. It inserts evil whispers in you. It is able to communicate with the Khannas within other people.

- God said in the Koran: When you do something good, it is by the grace of your Lord. When you do something bad, it is because of the Carnal Self because it is the Commanding Self. When it is purified, it will not compel you to do wrong things.

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