Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Auliya Allah Ke Mazarat Se Faiz Kese Hota Hai?

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A viewer of Sufi Online with Younus AlGohar asked whether or not visiting the shrines of Sufis is a form of grave-worship prohibited by the Prophet Mohammad. This is Younus AlGohar’s comprehensive answer.

Main points:

- The idea that visiting the shrines of saints is Shirk is simply negative propaganda from Wahhabis, Deobandis, Ahle Hadith, etc. Prophet Mohammad forbids all types of Shirk. However, Prophet Mohammad himself instructed people to visit the shrines of saints. Not every person visiting a shrine of a saint is committing Shirk.

- If someone dies while on the spiritual path, they are known as a martyr. Shaheed (martyr) itself means to ‘be present’. When someone is a martyr, their Lower Self and subtleties remain in the grave while the Main Human Soul ascends to the Higher Realms. Spiritual knowledge is granted to the subtleties of the chest.

- After Prophet Mohammad’s physical demise, his subtleties remained in the grave. It was his subtleties who had received the divine revelation, the Koran, in the first place. If one wants to visit the shrine of Prophet Mohammad and address his inner spirits which are present in the grave, they need to have the required spiritual knowledge to do so. When different saints like Moinuddin Chishti and Ans Bin Malik visited the grave of Prophet Mohammad, they were able to meet Prophet Mohammad. Prophetic Tradition: I will be obliged to grant salvation to one who visits my grave after my demise.

- When you die, your Main Soul goes up to the Higher Realms and your Lower Self and subtleties remain in the grave. If they are unenlightened, the subtleties waste away in the grave after some time. However, if they are enlightened, then they continue to worship in the grave until the Day of Judgement and your soul reaps the spiritual benefits. It is the divine law that the Lower Self and the subtleties must be placed in the grave at the time of one's demise; if someone is a saint, then their subtleties in the grave will render benevolence to people who visit it.

- There are three types of saints. The Kamil Mumaat saints are those whose very benevolence is rendered through their graves. Their subtleties bless people who visit. However, if one is to obtain a special type of benevolence from such a saint, then their soul is called down from the Higher Realms through the act known as ‘Dawat (invitation)’ - this can also be done if one wants to meet Prophet Mohammad’s soul. But for someone who has come under the spiritual concentration of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi, they are able to meet Prophet Mohammad anywhere in the world. Only Prophet Mohammad’s Main Soul ascended to the higher realms, whereas his subtleties are present in the grave. So this is how he is ever-present and the Living Prophet (Hazir-o-Nazir).

- The subtleties of enlightened Devout Believers and saints also remain in their graves until the Day of Judgement, when they will be taken away. Only the subtleties of the Immortal Saints who manage to see God will be inserted into their new bodies when they are sent into Paradise.

- To go to an empty grave where there is nothing but bones and to prostrate before it is Shirk. Prophet Mohammad forbids visiting such graves because if they are empty of divine energy and enlightened spirits, they become occupied by satans and can cause you harm.


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