Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Kiya Hazoor (saw) Se Mangna Shirk Hai?

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Younus AlGohar’s definitive answer to a hotly debated subject in the Muslim world: is it Shirk (polytheism) to ask Prophet Mohammad for help?

Main points:

- The notion that asking saints of God or Prophet Mohammad for help is hugely inaccurate and blasphemous - and it is propaganda aggressively spread by the Wahhabi/Salafi/Deobandi/Ahle Hadith/Tauhidi school of thought. The Wahhabi school of thought has taken over the Muslim world fuelled by Saudi oil money. And Saudi Arabia turned into a religious monster.

- The most concrete evidence for this should be for you to actually try and ask the Prophet for help. If you receive help, it is the truth. If you don’t receive help, there could be two reasons: either the Wahhabis are right or you do not have access to Prophet Mohammad. When spiritual knowledge became nonexistent, people lost their connection to Prophet Mohammad and the saints of God. Then they would call upon Prophet Mohammad, Moula Ali, Abdul Qadir Jilani and other saints for help - but to no avail. As a result of this, their hearts slowly began to harbour negative conjectures. And then, one day, they became influenced by the Wahhabi philosophies.

- This war against the blasphemers of Prophet Mohammad cannot be fought verbally or on the basis of religious opinions. If we want to win this war we must connect people to Prophet Mohammad and illuminate their hearts with Prophet Mohammad’s name. We must raise the awareness of the Esoteric Knowledge which enlightens the hearts of people. We must beseech HDE Gohar Shahi to return to Pakistan and transform hearts into Medina once again.

 - As long as you are spiritually dead, you will declare all prophets as dead. But when your heart is revived and you become spiritually alive, you will see with your own two eyes that you had only just developed the desire to see the Prophet and he appears before you. This will only happen when Prophet Mohammad reigns over your heart.

- God says that he is the one who grants and Prophet Mohammad is the distribute of God’s grant. Therefore, you must call upon the one whom God has appointed as the distributor. And if you neglect the distributor who has been given the authority of distribution by God to ask God directly, it is not only disrespectful but also blasphemous to God. You are being disobedient to God. Asking Prophet Mohammad for something, in reality, is asking God for it. Those who begrudge Prophet Mohammad begrudge God. Prophet Mohammad is just another beautiful image of God.


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