Thursday, 3 January 2019

Ghafil Kon Hai?

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A viewer of Sufi Online with ALRA TV asked Younus AlGohar, ’Is God heedless of those who are heedless of him since God only looks at shining hearts?’

Main points:

- People generally use the word ‘Ghafil (heedless)’ in the context of a person not invoking upon God; that such a person pays no attention to God’s remembrance. However, this is not what the word means in Arabic. It cannot be said that sometimes one is heedless or God and sometimes they are not; true heedlessness of God is eternal.

- Only those are truly heedless of God upon whose hearts have been covered in veils. Even if someone spends their entire life in the verbal invocation of God’s name but their heart is not involved in that invocation, in the end, they will be included among those who were heedless of God.

- The 180 000 layers of covering upon the disciple’s heart are burnt by the spiritual concentration of the Spiritual Guide when he grants him the Opening of the Spiritual Heart. Once the spiritual Guide does this, the disciple can never be eternally heedless of God.

- The word ‘Ghafil (heedless)’ cannot be used for God, because the meaning of the word is one who is under the covering of heedlessness. It does not apply to God.

- God’s sight falls upon the hearts who shine with the divine energy of his Personal Name. Sharia is important to adopt and practise, but God will not look at your physical worship. Rather, he will see whether your heart has become enlightened through these various practices.

- Today it is His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi’s blessings that the hearts of even the greatest of sinners are shining with the divine energy of God’s Personal Name. Otherwise, it was beyond the realm of possibility for one’s heart to be revived without first purifying the Lower Self. All credit goes to His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi and His authority. God said that this concession - that God’s name is entering the hearts of sinners - is only for Imam Mehdi.

- Today it is practically impossible to follow Sharia. In this era, the ratio of Negative Energy is so high that no Ghous could purify a single disciple’s Lower Self through Sharia.


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