Friday, 4 January 2019

Hazoor (saw) Ki Shifaat Ke Ehl Kon?

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In response to a question from a viewer,Younus AlGohar explains how Prophet Mohammad will provide salvation and to whom.

Main points:

- The lowest grade of paradise is for those whose Spiritual Hearts were engaged in worship. Prophet Mohammad’s salvation is for the hearts that may not have been enlightened when their demise occurred, but whose spiritual life had been preserved owing to the person sending benedictions upon Prophet Mohammad during their life. However, those whose inner faculties had perished during their lifetime and God has placed a seal upon them would not be able to obtain salvation.

- Prophet Mohammad presents the file of the one he wants to grant salvation to before God. And it has to be shown that the subtleties of this person did not perish while they were alive in this world. Such people would come under the Prophet's mercy with the grace of Prophet Mohammad's name. When such people would send benedictions upon Prophet Mohammad, due to the Prophet's name, their subtleties would retain some spiritual life.

- Religious clerics like Tahir ul Qadri are reluctant to say anything negative about Ameer Muawiya and they declare him to be a Companion of the Prophet. However, how is it possible for Muawiya’s faith to remain intact when he declared war against Moula Ali, a friend of God? God said that he wages war against those who bear enmity for his friends - and God’s style of waging war is not by sword, but by severing the neck of the culprit’s faith every day.

- If someone sat in the physical company of Prophet Mohammad, it did not automatically make them a true Companion. Many people who were able to sit in his company ended up being hypocrites. What is important is that those in his company were truly his servants, their Lower Selves were obedient to him and their hearts were connected to Prophet Mohammad’s.

-  All the Aima Akram, Fuqha, Saints and Mufasireen Akram, like Jalaluddin have all written that Ameer Muawiya became rebellious. Not only would he curse Ali himself, he would also go to the mosques and force the other great companions to curse him. Prophet Mohammad said, 'Ali is the Moula of all those for whom I am Moula.' Is there anyone who curses their own Moula? How could Muawiya curse Ali and still be a Companion?

- Today, the religion of Islam is divided into so many sects for the very reason that religious clerics do politics. They do not speak the straightforward truth. They adopt hypocrisy in order to please people of opposing tenets, even if it means displeasing God.


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