Thursday, 31 January 2019

Maula Ali (as) Ne Karbala Mein Madad Kiyon Nahen Farmayi?

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Younus AlGohar explains why Moula Ali did not come to rescue Imam Hussain during the Battle of Karbala at the request of a viewer.

Main points:

- When Ameer Muawiya handed over control of the Islamic Sultanate to his son, Yazid, the people of Kufa wrote letters saying that Yazid was a sinner and they would not pledge allegiance to him. 'Pledging allegiance' meant to accept Yazid as the Caliph - it was their equivalent of the voting system we have today. So Imam Hussain sent  Muslim ibn Aqil to Kufa as his representative and take people’s pledge of allegiance on his behalf. 40 000 people joined him. Yazid and his government were watching this closely and feared what they saw as a rebellion. The politicians advised Yazid to get Imam Hussain to pledge allegiance to him in order to quash the ‘rebellion’. On the other hand, the religious scholars Yazid had with him brainwashed him into thinking that he was on the right path as Ameer ul Momineen and that Imam Hussain should pledge allegiance to him.

- Yazid told Ibn Ziyad and the army to forcefully take their pledge of allegiance by threatening and terrorising. But Ibn Ziyad did not threaten or terrorise. He directly declared war against them. Many Muslims of the time were among the hypocrites and Kharijites and they bore grudges against the Prophet's progeny. It is very easy for us to say that Yazid was a terrible man and he is hell-bound now - but back then they were all known as 'Muslims'. When the Prophet's Household was beheaded and their heads were brought to Yazid, Yazid began to play with their heads. And he said, 'God has granted victory to the truth.' This proves he was hell-bound and his hidden agenda was to butcher the Household of Prophet Mohammad all along.

- Now why did this incident take place and why didn't Moula Ali come to help? He did not come to save Imam Hussain because everything that happened in Karbala was done on the orders of God. When Imam Hussain and Imam Hassan were children, Gabriel came and took promises from Prophet Mohammad in regards to them. He brought two outfits from paradise. One was red and Imam Hussain was made to wear it. The other was green and Imam Hassan was made to wear it. So the one who had the wear the green outfit was killed by being poisoned. And the one who wore the red outfit was martyred in Karbala. Imam Hussain's martyrdom is the Zakat (charity) of Rapturous Love of Prophet Mohammad.

- Prophet Mohammad intensely loved Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain - and perhaps in the moments he spent with them, he forgot that he was the Leader of Prophets. Sometimes he would have them ride on his back and let them use his hair like reins. Sometimes they would jump on his shoulders while he was in prostration to God -  and lest they may fall if he raised his head, he would remain in prostration for hours on end. The love was extreme, so God said that it had become too much.

- Similarly, His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi said, 'If I like somebody, I do not thoroughly look at them. Because whoever I look at properly, God will take that person away.'

- Hurr ibn Riyahi was the commander of Yazid's army who snuck over to Imam Hussain in Karbala and offered to help him escape. He did this for three nights but in the morning, Imam Hussain would see that despite having left under the cover of night, he and his family hadn’t left the battlefield. It was as if they were walking in circles. Then in a dream, Prophet Mohammad came to Imam Hussain and told him that he was to be martyred in Karbala. He told his family the next day and advised them to leave, but they didn’t want to leave him there alone. So they were killed one after the other. In the end, Imam Hussain had 320 sword wounds. And not a single wound was on his back. They were all on the front of his body.


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