Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Dunya Ka Sab Se Taqatwar Taweez

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Younus AlGohar's beautiful answer to a viewer who asked permission to write Taweez (amulets).

Main points:

- People in Pakistan suffer from superstition. They appear to be Devout Believers, but practically, it is another story. When they experience a minor business loss, they blame black magic; they visit different 'Babas' who write them amulets claiming to nullify the negative effects. However, the Surah Wannas of the Koran was revealed to nullify magic when the Kuffar of Mecca cast magic upon Prophet Mohammad. God's word is the most powerful word - but how many Muslims today know that the cure to any ill-effects of magic is to be found in the Koran? so instead, they visit different Babas. What has happened to their tenets and faith?

- The only amulet we talk about is the amulet written upon your heart. That amulet is one that will benefit you in this life, in the grave and even on the Day of Judgement. When you die and you are in the grave, show the angels God's Personal Name etched beautifully upon your heart. Having seen this, as His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi says, 'They will not have the courage to ask you another question.' The grandeur of the amulet of the heart is mentioned in the Koran.

'We have written faith upon their hearts.' - Koran 58:22

- God only grants permission to make the amulet of the heart to some people. We only believe in one type of amulet, in which the heart becomes the canvas and God's light becomes the pen. When God's Personal Name has been etched upon the heart, then call all the magicians to try and cast magic on you. If the word 'Allah' is written upon your heart, that is it. Now you are a man of God.

- When God sends a saint as a Spiritual Guide into the world, the saint trains his disciples in austerity and piety. If God wants to test how pious the disciples have become, he calls the Devil. He gives the Devil a letter of permission. The Devil takes the letter of permission from God to the Spiritual Guide. The Spiritual Guide chooses a period of time in which the Devil may test his disciple - it may be anywhere from one hour to 24 hours to one week to two months. The time period is chosen by the Spiritual Guide. During the period of testing, the Spiritual Guide uses different ways to look out for his disciple - for example, he may ask the disciple to stay at his home.

- The Devil is not a troublemaker. He is a servant of God. He cannot misguide whoever he wants. God has appointed him to sift out the hell-bound souls. Every human being has a good side and a bad side. Similarly, when God separated his anger from his personality, it became the Devil. Prophet Mohammad is God's positive side and the Devil is the negative side.


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