Sunday, 13 January 2019

Kya Iblees Ne Waqai Na Farmani Ki Thi?

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Did the Devil (Iblees/Azazeel) actually disobey God - and why will he obtain salvation having prostrated before Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi? Younus AlGohar's answer to this question may surprise you!

Main points:

- Iblees/Azazeel (The Devil) is not to be confused with satans. God created satans for hellfire, but Iblees is a great worshipper of God. He worshipped God from all corners of the Earth. Just as security measures are put in place to ensure no money is stolen from ATMs, in a similar way, God has his own system of security and he has appointed Iblees as a security guard. This is to ensure that only those who are fated to have faith may be able to attain it.

'O' Lord, I swear upon your honour that I will kidnap them all for except those who are Mukhlaseen (the Sincere Ones).' - Koran 38:82

- Had Iblees been a satan, he would never have addressed God with the respect he demonstrated in the above-mentioned verse of the Koran. So Iblees will not bother those who belong to God; he cannot misguide them. He will confuse the ungodly souls and not allow them to come onto the [path taking them towards God].

'And when the Archangels were commanded to prostrate before Adam, all prostrated for except Iblees.' - Koran 17:61

- Iblees did not disobey God when he refused to prostrate before Adam the Eminent One. The Archangels were the ones who were told to prostrate, whereas Iblees is not an Archangel. He is from the Nation of Jinns.

- In the end, Iblees said, 'Adam the Eminent One is the First Caliph and Imam Mehdi is the Last Caliph. And nobody greater than Him has ever come so I will prostrate myself in His feet.' So the sin he committed, that of not prostrating in Adam's feet, will be forgiven. And it will be forgiven because the Spiritual Heart (Qalb) of Adam the Eminent One will be in Imam Mehdi.


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