Sunday, 6 January 2019

Islam: Nazria Ya Haqeeqat?

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At the request of a viewer, Younus AlGohar explains the difference between Haqeeqat (Reality) and Nazaria (Principle) and whether Islam is the Haqeeqat or a Nazaria.

Main points:

- ‘Haqeeqat (Reality)’ comes from the word ‘Haq (truth)’. If we dissect the word ‘Haq’ to find its origin, it will go back to the manifestations of God. The truth is that which reached us after going through the manifestations of God; that which was created is not ‘the truth’. ‘Nazaria’ means ‘principle’.

- Islam is a religion the main theme of which is the total submission to God. One who obtains the core of Islam becomes a Devout Believer and then if God blesses him further he becomes a saint. However, once a person goes to see God, he no longer has anything to do with the religions of the world since his inner faculties have come under the theophanies of God and these religions no longer suit him. He is free from the restrictions of all religions.

- Islam is a principle, it is not reality. The truth is to make all of one’s inner and outer - their body, Spiritual Heart, Lower Self and all their souls - completely obedient to God. The reality is only that which takes one to God.

- When Prophet Mohammad conquered Mecca in 10 Hijiri, 125 000 Companions stood with him. At the time of his demise, there were only 7 people with him. When Bibi Fatima left the world, there were only 9 people who attended her funeral. When Imam Hussain and the rest of the Household of Prophet Mohammad were martyred in the Battlefield of Karbala, not a single person was there to recite the funeral prayers for them.


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