Thursday 23 May 2013

Divine Understanding and Purity

God knocks on the door once in every human being’s lifetime. If you do not respond to his call, then you should mourn your fate because God does not give a second chance. And those who have responded to his call and have begun their journey onto the ‘Straight Path’ (Rah-e-Salook/Sirat al Mustaqeem) surely know that God is most definitely merciful and forgiving. One may commit sins and engage in bad deeds, but if his heart is connected to God, despite all his past sins and the sins he may commit in the future, the Lord has forgiven him. 

God does not befriend one who is impure, but every human is impure and full of Kufr (infidelity). How then does God make an impure man his friend? Before God accepts one as his friend, he purifies his heart. Once his heart has been purified only then does God accept him. God continues to forgive the sins of such a person until he becomes enlightened and the presence of the Lord therein becomes so strong that the person becomes spiritually self-sufficient and spiritually capable of permanently housing the Lord. Once the person is enlightened, his Shaoor (Spiritual Understanding) is awakened. Then the person is no longer inclined towards impurity and sins. 

What exactly is impurity? There are two types of sins. Minor sins (Gunah-e-Sagheera) do not have an existence. However, major sins (Gunah-e-Kabeera) have an existence in the form of esoteric insects. Adultery, backbiting, lust, etc. are major sins and the esoteric insects of such sins crawl on the bodies of those who commit them. About 2-4 days after committing such sins, these insects begin to penetrate and absorb into the skin and enter into the bloodstream. Once they enter into the bloodstream, they compel the person to repeatedly commit that sin. For example, people say using profanity makes the tongue impure however this is not true. Backbiting, especially against the Friends of God, against Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi, makes the tongue impure. The insects of backbiting begin to crawl on the tongue of the person and the person is unable to refrain from backbiting and it becomes a disease. The only cure to rid the tongue and body of these esoteric insects is to eliminate this disease from the blood. This is only possible when Divine Light (Noor) enters the blood and travels to every vein within the body. But this process does not happen overnight and there is no set time-frame. 

Keeping the company of a Friend of God who is under the Divine Theophanies (Tajjaliyat) is the most effective way of burning these esoteric insects and obtaining purity. When you keep the company of a Friend of God, His Merciful Glance shall burn away 7 of your major sins. The shower of Divine Light falling upon Him shall fall upon you also whilst you are in His Company. This is why Maulana Rumi said, 'One moment in the company of a Friend of God is greater than 100 years of austerity.' 

If your heart is echoing with the name of the Lord then know that you are becoming purified and God has accepted you. Eventually you shall become an enlightened conscience and automatically refrain from all types of sins. Your spiritual journey on the ‘Straight Path’ shall reach its culmination upon finding union with God.

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