Thursday 9 May 2013

Vote for Imran Khan

My name is Younus AlGohar and I am the CEO of Mehdi Foundation International. I would like to request the people of Pakistan to avail this opportunity to change the fate of Pakistan in these elections. We have the record of all the politicians in Pakistan and we have tested them all. Whether it is the Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) or Muslim League they are all those who have looted Pakistan and have raised various slogans showing people flourishing gardens. 

At this time the stability and survival of Pakistan is dependent upon a brave and honest person such as Imran Khan. The Pakistani Nation should at least give Imran Khan a chance. I personally believe that he loves Pakistan and he is sincere with Pakistan and currently there are very few people who are truly honest with Pakistan. In these elections vote for Imran Khan’s party which consists of the youth and educated people. Imran Khan himself has been educated from Oxford University and he knows the nature of the Western World and worldly matters. He is brave and fearless and we have seen his record when he won the Cricket World Cup in 1992. He led the Pakistani Cricket Team and he inspired a fighting spirit within the team. He seems to have a leader hidden within him, a Quaid, who can set this sinking ship of Pakistan sailing again.

I request and recommend especially to the members of Mehdi Foundation International residing in Pakistan to vote for Imran Khan. Neither I nor is Mehdi Foundation International personally affiliated with Imran Khan or Imran Khan’s party (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf) in anyway. Based on the love of Pakistan we have in our hearts and feelings of patriotism we have concluded that Imran Khan is the best choice for Pakistan. Besides him, the other choice for Pakistan is General Pervez Musharraf but he has been put under house arrest. He is being subject to great injustice. But at the moment the only hope is Imran Khan.

Therefore, out of love for your country, I request you to go out on the 11th of May and vote for Imran Khan. At least give him a chance to flourish as the Quaid of Pakistan. Let me tell you that Imran Khan would come as a great Quaid on the world map and the world shall see a great change in Pakistan with him becoming the Prime Minister.

-HH Younus AlGohar
  May 8, 2013 

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