Friday 17 May 2013

The Image of HDE Gohar Shahi and the Fana Fee Sheikh

We have been propagating His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi for the last 11-12 years. And by the grace of our Lord, our faith and tenet has remained the same throughout. Otherwise, one who is not under Nazar-e-Gohar Shahi (Merciful Glance) and in such an important position could easily play into the hands of the devil. One makes mighty claims when the Lord is not present within him, when the person is not in the grasp of the Lord. But by the spiritual grace of HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi, our faith and tenet has been the same from the beginning. We do not fear what will or will not happen, nor do we fear death. We openly propagate the Kalima of HDE Gohar Shahi, ‘La Ilaha Illa Riaz,’ and we openly speak about the Community of God.

Only those fear openly propagating this truth who have believed this with their understanding and their intellect; but those who have established a spiritual connection with HDE Gohar Shahi, those whose hearts are connected with the Lord, do not have fear. Their faith and tenet is because of the presence of Noor (Divine Light) in their hearts, not their intellect.

The subtlety of the Akhfa within a person is responsible for speech. The tongue utters the words but the words come from the Akhfa. When one is connected to the Lord, before a wrong word is uttered from his tongue, the Lord turns the person’s Latifa-e-Akhfa to face the Lord. This system works similar to a wheel. For example, a molecule of Carbon can have up to 4 molecules of Hydrogen attached at one time (methane gas). However, before a chemical reaction is carried out, the compound must be radicalised; once this happens, the compound can be combined with another molecule. In a similar way, the heart has 3 Jussa (sub-spirits): Qalb-e-Saleem, Qalb-e-Muneeb and Qalb-e-Shaheed. Now, if the HDE Gohar Shahi chooses to connect you to His heart, He shall take one of the sub-spirits of your heart and replace it with one of His own. The thinking process and intellect are related to the brain, before a thought comes onto the tongue, it first passes through the heart and from the heart to the Latifa-e-Akhfa. If there is Noor in the heart, Noor shall become attached to the thought/phrase and once that phrase is delivered from the tongue, Noor shall be delivered also. 

Alama Iqbal, 'Anything that comes from the heart is very effective for the listeners and they find it very easy to understand and practise. These sorts of words that come from the heart do not have wings, but they have the power to fly.'

HDE Gohar Shahi said that a Fana Fee Sheikh speaks like the Sheikh (Spiritual Guide) and walks like the Sheikh. A Fana Fee Sheikh (FFS) is one who has had a Jussa of his heart replaced by a Jussa of his Spiritual Guide. In this case, the three chambers of the heart would be the Qalb-e-Saleem, Qalb-e-Shaheed and one with the Jussa of the Spiritual Guide. These chambers rotate like a wheel and at a given time only one of the chambers faces the Latifa-e-Akhfa. When the Spiritual Guide wishes for his knowledge to be delivered, the Latifa-e-Akhfa of the person faces the Jussa of the Guide. If you have a Jussa of HDE Gohar Shahi in your heart and your Latifa-e-Akhfa faces the Jussa-e-Gohar Shahi in your heart, then the knowledge delivered from your tongue would be that of HDE Gohar Shahi. This is how a FFS speaks like the Sheikh. It cannot be called imitating the Sheikh. If one was to imitate the Sheikh, he could make his voice similar to the Sheikh’s; however his words would not possess the Noor of the Sheikh’s words. Whenever the Sheikh speaks, whether it is directly through his tongue or somebody else’s, the words shall always have Noor attached to them. The organ responsible for speech is the Latifa-e-Akhfa and if the Jussa of the Sheikh in the heart of a FFS is facing the Latifa-e-Akhfa, then the words delivered through the tongue of the FFS shall be the words of the Sheikh.  
Somebody asked HDE Gohar Shahi, 'You have not had any formal education at a Madrassa, then where does this knowledge come from that you render?' HDE Gohar Shahi replied, 'The knowledge which I render to you comes from Prophet Mohammad.' This is because the Latifa-e-Akhfa of Prophet Mohammad, the organ responsible for speech, is in the chest of HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi.

The organ responsible for love is the heart, but first the heart must be purified and emptied of all else so that it may love the Lord. And if you have Jussa-e-Gohar Shahi in your being, then that Jussa shall love the Lord more than any human possibly could.

All followers and so-called followers of HDE Gohar Shahi have the images of HDE on the walls in their homes. Today people respect and kiss the shoes and clothing worn by HDE Gohar Shahi - and rightfully so. They are worthy of respect because they have been touched by the Lord and have been associated with the Lord. But in their own right, do the picture frames, clothing or shoes have any value? No, they are only worthy of respect because of their association with HDE Gohar Shahi.
It is said that a human being is Ashraf al Makhlooqat (Greatest of all Creations). The angels are made up of a certain amount of Noor that cannot be changed. If a human being becomes enlightened, he has the potential to possess more Noor than the angels; thus making him greater in eminence to the angels.
Then what about a person who has the live image of HDE Gohar Shahi in his heart? If you put a person who has the image of the Lord in his heart next to the shoes that have been worn by the Lord, which is greater? The shoes do not have Lataif (subtleties): neither can they propagate the ranks of HDE Gohar Shahi nor can they render guidance. Without a doubt, the shoes are worthy of respect. But how much Spiritual Grace can the shoes render?

On the other hand, the Hajre Aswad (Holy Black Stone), to which the entire universe prostrates, contains the image of HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. It absorbs the sins of all those who kiss it with love and respect. The eminence of the Holy Black Stone lies in the image of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi; it is the image that makes it so great. Now if that same image Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi becomes absorbed in your heart, what is the difference between you and the Holy Black Stone?

First of all, the Holy Black Stone is stationary and fit into one place, neither does it render knowledge nor does it propagate the Lord. However, one who has the image of the HDE Gohar Shahi in his heart, when he speaks, the Lord speaks. People will at the least be able to hear the voice of HDE Gohar Shahi. The Holy Black Stone absorbs sins, but such a person shall give others the ability to wash away sins.
It is easy for people to bow before the Holy Black Stone because it is not human. It is in the nature of humans to prostrate in a mosque, temple, etc., but the Lord is not present there. On the other hand, a man may seem like a normal human but the Lord may reside in him. Kissing his hands with love and respect is like kissing the Lord’s hands. But human nature and a person’s ego does not allow him to submit before another person.

What is love of Gohar? According to the Deen-e-Ilahi, those who say ‘I love you’ with the tongue are hypocrites. Love is to do with the heart. Somebody asked HDE Gohar Shahi, ‘What if somebody wants to love you?’ HDE Gohar Shahi replied, ‘You cannot love me even if you wanted to. If we desire to grant you our love, then first we shall purify your ego. And once your ego has been purified, we shall insert one of our Jussas into your heart.’ 

We have put the images of the Lord in all sorts of homes. However, when the Lord looks for a home for His image, he does not place it just anywhere. When the Lord places his image, He does so in a purified and cleansed heart. Even the name of the Lord cannot settle in an impure heart; therefore it is impossible for the image of the Lord to settle in an impure heart. One who has obtained the image of HDE Gohar Shahi on his heart is at Maqam-e-Wasal (the stage of Divine Union) and this is the threshold of Zam (spiritual blending).

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