Friday 17 July 2015

The Ratio of Negativity in the Spiritual Atmosphere

The following is an excerpt from His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech. 

The ratio of negativity in the spiritual atmosphere differs from time to time. The ratio of negativity was different at the time of Abraham from the time of Adam. And it differed in the era of Moses from the era of Abraham.

Let’s have a look at how this works out and what is meant by the ratio of negativity in the spiritual atmosphere. 
According to a Prophetic Tradition, ‘There are two angels appointed on every human being. One of the angels is appointed to keep a record of everything good a man does and the other keeps the record of everything bad a man does.’
So these two angels keep a record of your good and bad deeds. When you commit a sin, they write it in your book and it will be presented to God on the Day of Judgement. But at the same time, when you commit a sin, they write it in that book and they place a black spot on your heart as well. Now why is the record being kept in two different places in two different forms? Because when you reach the age of 40, your book [of deeds] is sent to God.

Whether you follow a religion or you don’t, whether you are good or bad, at the age of 40 your book is taken to God. According to God’s understanding, ‘Now he is 40. He must have done something good and he deserves to be rewarded.’ This is the time when God thinks you should be given rewards for your efforts that you may have made to seek God’s love. The efforts that you may have made to bring spirituality and spiritual awareness in your life [will be rewarded].

Maturity in men comes at the age of 40. You cannot be the President of the USA if you are not 40 years of age. All Prophets declared Prophet-hood after 40 because that is when they are sober.

Spiritual Atmosphere

Carbon monoxide causes pollution. You may have heard people saying that carbon emission should be reduced - because the atmosphere is really polluted. There are so many car factories, and industries, so gases [are produced which] affect the air quality. Air quality directly affects our health. When we go towards hilly areas and mountains, the air quality is better.
Air quality is determined by the amount of oxygen in it. 
Because of the emission of carbon monoxide in cities, the air quality is not good; you will notice that you are standing outside and are still uneasy sometimes. We need to understand there is pollution in the air and because of the pollution the air quality is affected.

Why is there pollution in the air? If there are 25 individuals sitting together and everybody starts to pass gas, the pollution will be unbearable; the air quality will be greatly affected. There is so much human waste in this world and the deposit of this adds to the poor quality of air. Then, we have carbon monoxide. When we pass gas, we pass carbon monoxide.
When you pass gas, the air quality is polluted but when you commit a sin, the spiritual atmosphere is polluted.
Why? There is a bad smell when you pass gas and when you sin there is negative energy that you produce because of that sin. If two individuals pass gas in the room and then 200 individuals pass gas in the room, which is better?

At the time of Adam there were only a few people. They committed sins so the spiritual atmosphere was more bearable. But the progeny of Adam spread about the world and by the time Abraham came, the spiritual atmosphere was more polluted than it was at the time of Adam. Because there were less people in Adam’s era, fewer sins [were committed] and there was less spiritual pollution as compared to the era of Abraham, when there were many more people, [who committed] more sins and polluted the spiritual atmosphere more.

When we pass gas, we open the window; fresh air comes in and we feel better.
A Prophetic Tradition says, ‘When you do something bad, quickly do something good as well.’ Why? To keep the balance. 
Now there are so many people who committed sins. But were there the same amount of people doing good things at the same time?
There are more bad people than there are good.
1 million people are saying, ‘God, I am here!’ And 30 million are saying, ‘I want to sleep with someone tonight.’ So what about the spiritual atmosphere? It is completely imbalanced.
The willingness to do good is directly proportional to the spiritual atmosphere. 
If the spiritual atmosphere is full of positive energy, than even bad people want to do good.

When the ratio of negativity was significantly low at the time of Adam, it was easy for them to do good deeds; comparatively, the same good act that people of Adam did became harder for the people of Abraham. Why? The spiritual atmosphere provided more resistance against them because of the [higher ratio of] negativity. Negativity at the time of Adam was lowest.
So the spiritual atmosphere is getting worse every day.
Presence of Negative Creatures

The second factor affecting the spiritual atmosphere is the presence of evil creatures in this world: the presence of Jinn. At the time of Adam, the numbers of Jinn were fewer. Not so many people lived at the time of Adam. Similarly, with time, Jinn multiplied in big numbers. At the time of Adam there was less resistance in the spiritual atmosphere and less negativity, so people who lived in that era had to struggle less than those who came in the time of Abraham. In the time of Moses, they had to suffer more. By the time Jesus came the spiritual atmosphere was made worse than at the time of Moses. Prophet Mohammad came 600 years after Jesus and the spiritual atmosphere was worse still. Now, after 1434 years, you can understand how bad the spiritual atmosphere would have become, given the number of Jinn and the number of sins.

Maybe the people of Adam and Abraham did not know of the sins we do today. We do the same sins but in a different style. The nature of sins is not different at all but there is a big difference. At the time of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad, people would commit sins and they would understand that they are sinners.
But today we do sins and we think we deserve to do sins. We do sins under the banner of spirituality and under religion.
Today, we are sinners but we don’t regard ourselves as sinners; we think we are saints and we are holy. At the time of Prophet Mohammad, people had different understanding of being a holy person.
You are holy when you abstain from everything else and negate yourself.
If you are committing a sin and you understand that it is a sin, you are a blessed one. But if you are committing a sin and according to your understanding, you are not committing a sin and you are doing it because you are holy, then your mind is messed up. Because when you have become holy you do holy things. Everybody in all religions is doing this: Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims - everybody. Like, there was a man in New Mexico who claimed he was Jesus; there were 175 women with him and according to his understanding, when he would have sex with those women they would see God. One man in Israel was arrested because he did the same.

Now, propagation of the Awaited One is harder than propagation of Islam. 1434 years ago, spreading the word of God was not as difficult as it is today. Today, people swear at the Lord wherever you go. This is because of the ratio of negativity in the spiritual atmosphere. What you did 6000 years ago cannot be compared with the same act you do today.
The spiritual atmosphere is polluted with the amount of sins committed in an era and the number of Jinn present in the era. The ratio of negativity determines the steadfastness of individuals on the Truth and excellence of faith.
The followers of Prophet Adam had to cope with relatively less resistance in purifying their Selves [ego] and their hearts than those in the era of Prophet Abraham, who had to struggle a lot more in performance of the same good deed and mortification of the Self.
The ratio of negativity presently is over 100%.
The more the spiritual atmosphere is polluted, the less you feel inclined to do good deeds or to mortify your Self. It is due to the highest ratio of negativity today that people don’t want to purify their Selves.
The desire of God's love is overshadowed by the desire of material gains thanks to the fullest ratio of negativity.
You enjoy more when you do bad than when you do good and it is because bad deeds are well supported by the negativity in the atmosphere. Most people are married yet they enjoy sex with those not married to them; it is because of the negativity in the atmosphere.
A holy man has God's presence in him and he is like a powerhouse of light and positivity; people feel inclined to do good when they are around him.
A holy man recycles the atmosphere and renders good spiritual oxygen to the suffocating hearts.

No act of worship can provide you with the amount of light and positivity as much as a holy man does. No wonder Rumi said, ‘A moment spent in company of a holy man is far greater and better than worship of a thousand years.’

The spiritual atmosphere continues to deteriorate. Human beings now want money, women and luxury only.

The ratio of negativity has always gone up with the passage of time. It is directly proportional to the nature of the amount of sins which people commit; and at the same time it is also directly proportional to the number of Jinn who dwell in this phenomenal world.

These are Spiritual Sciences. What I am speaking about is not any knowledge that you can find in any celestial book. You will not find this knowledge in books of Prophetic Traditions and you will not find this knowledge in books of Saints. This knowledge comes from His Divine Eminece Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.
According to a Prophetic Tradition, ‘The world will be covered with darkness in the era that the Awaited One will appear in this world. There will be a few lamps lit up in this world and those few lamps will be at a considerable distance.’
People who interpret the Holy Scripture think that this darkness is referred to physical, phenomenal darkness of this world and that these lamps are referred to physical lamps. This is wrong. Physical lamps and physical darkness has nothing to do with the advent of the Awaited One; there has been such darkness in this world before the Awaited One’s arrival and there can be darkness after the Awaited One has arrived. It doesn’t help us understand the Personality of the Awaited One. If we interpret this Prophetic Tradition under the guidance of His Divine Eminence and dig out the esoteric meaning of it, darkness is referred to darkness of the heart and lamps are referred to enlightened hearts. There will be a few enlightened hearts.
The more enlightened hearts are there in the world the better the spiritual atmosphere is and the less enlightened hearts are there in the world the worse the spiritual atmosphere becomes.
How does the spiritual pollution affect our spiritual journey, our faith and our struggle to purify our hearts and mortify our Selves (Ego)?

We have seven subtleties in our skeleton. Six of them are dormant but the seventh, the Self (Ego) is very much alive and its origin is the devil. When the body of Adam was created, the devil spat at his navel point; there was a germ in his saliva which turned into the Self. So, the Self is a germ that has come from the devil.

This diet can be obtained from any food you consume. Negative energy has heating effects. When you inhale oxygen, a considerable amount of negativity enters your body and it strengthens your Self.
The diet of the Self is negative energy.
Every time you breathe you're giving diet to your Self.

All vegetables and fruits need some light before they are worthy of consumption. If there is no sunlight available there is no fragrance in flowers. If there is no sunlight, there is no taste in any fruit. Sunlight is important and sunlight has heating effects; so negative energy is rendered. All kinds of meat, including fish have negative energy in them.
You cannot live without food. When you eat it, it is not only strengthening your body but it is strengthening your Self; it’s becoming stronger every day.
One thing is very important: when there is too much negative energy in this world and our Self is absorbing so much negative energy, we want to do bad things.

If our Self is strong, our Self makes us do bad things.
His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi once said, ‘The knowledge of spirituality is not suitable for common people. Initially it was aimed at those who were very clever by mind.’ 
His Divine Eminence says, ‘If you want to keep your heart alive and happy with God, and God happy with your heart, then keep your Self unhappy.’
You cannot keep both the Self and heart happy at the same time. You could like it or dislike it, but this is what spirituality is all about.

The ratio of negativity and positivity in the spiritual atmosphere is a very sensitive issue. How sensitive? Your progress [in spirituality] is directly dependent upon the effects of this ratio.

Combating the Spiritual Pollution

In order to cut down on atmospheric pollution, you plant trees. The more trees you have in the area, the lesser pollution. A tree gives you an external aid to cut down on the pollution. In the daytime, trees release oxygen which helps overcome the bad elements in the air. When it goes in the air, it adds to the amount of the oxygen already present in the air and the pollution decreases. If there are no trees, the air quality will be so bad that you will not be able to breathe.
In a similar fashion, if you want beat the spiritual pollution you need to have Saints of God.
Why? The trees release oxygen and the Saints are connected to God; God looks at them and God sends upon them 360 Theophanies of God every day. Remember: one Merciful Glance of God burns away seven great sins.

Right now, spiritually, this world is like a toilet. Dirt is falling from the sky. You go out and you become dirty. If dirt starts to fall from the sky and it doesn’t stop, you will become accustomed to it.
For the first few days, you will feel stinky and terrible, but you have no cure, no remedy and no solution so you will convince yourself to become accustomed.
But then, somebody will come to you and say, ‘Come. There is a very safe place for you. Come to the Awaited One. In the time you spend in the Awaited One’s company, you are away from the falling dirt.’

You become pure again but the trouble is, you go and come back again and become pure. But now there is one difference between you and others. They do not know about the cleanliness, they will develop an urge to come back here. What will happen to you? When there is enough purity in your heart, you will be given the armour of purity. Your heart will be connected to the Awaited One Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi’s heart. When you go out with the umbrella of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi’s Merciful Sight, you are safe. It is like dirt is falling on people but you are holding an umbrella, so you are protected.
Without the Merciful Glance it is difficult to remain a good person and remain a pure heart.

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