Sunday, 25 November 2018

Al Ast Bi Rabbikum Ki Batni Taweel

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In response to a viewer's question about God's style of speaking in the Koran, Younus AlGohar gives the true, esoteric explanation of a statement God made in Koran 7:172, which is commonly mistranslated as 'Am I not your Lord'?

Main points:

- Sometimes, God refers to himself in the third person and sometimes, God used to the plural pronoun, 'We' when addressing himself. This is due to God's temperament and further explanation cannot be given without asking God himself about it.

- There are two types of interpretations of the Koran: Tafseer and Taweel. Tafseer is the interpretation of the Koran based upon one's own intellectual understanding, research in dictionaries and Sharia - in short, it is based upon exoteric knowledge. On the other hand, a Taweel is based upon esoteric knowledge - it is divine inspiration sent by God onto a saint of God.

- The exoteric interpretation of 'Al Ast Bi Rabbikum' is 'Am I not your Lord'? But the esoteric interpretation - which is more appropriate - is, 'Am I not with your Provider?' There is a huge difference between the words 'Rab' and 'Mabood'. 'Mabood' means 'Creator' and 'Rab' means 'Provider'. The context of this statement in Koran 7:172 is that God had gathered the souls of the messengers, prophets and saints and stood next to them, saying to the souls, 'Am I not with your Provider?' Because on Earth, the prophets, messengers and saints would be the ones who would nurture the souls of common people. They would be the ones who dispensed guidance to people. God wanted to show the souls that the messengers, prophets and saints standing with him were acting on his behalf; they were not separate from him.

- The next sentence in the verse, 'We bear witness,' proves that the correct translation of 'Al Ast Bi Rabbikum' is actually 'Am I not with your Provider?' rather than 'Am I not your Lord?' Because the souls could not have possibly bore witness to their own creation, hence they could not have claimed to be able to verify God being their creator. Secondly, was there any doubt among the souls of God being their creator, due to which God would ask such a question? The answer is no. Therefore, what God was asking and what the souls bore witness to was not God's Creatorhood, but rather the fact that the prophets, messengers and saints were with God and they were to render spiritual provisions to the souls when they came to Earth.


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