Monday 5 November 2018

Meraj Un Nabi (saw) Jismani Thi Ya Rouhani? | ALRA TV

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Younus AlGohar describes, beyond any doubt, what happened on the Night of Ascension when Prophet Mohammad physically ascended to the Higher Realms and came face to face with God's Ancient Essence for the first time in human history.

Main points:

- The spiritual power and the proximity and connection to God that Prophet Mohammad was granted is unprecedented in the history. Prophet Mohammad not only witnessed God's splendour, but God also called Prophet Mohammad to himself with his body. Where the Koran mentions the Ascension, God used the word 'Abd' for Prophet Mohammad. The meaning of the word 'Abd' is that it is a compound of the body and the soul.

- The Ascension is evidence of the ethereal nature of Prophet Mohammad's body. Many great saints and prophets came to the world; however, did any of them have the power to physically ascend to God and come back? This was granted exclusively to Prophet Mohammad by God. One cannot possibly gauge just how ethereal Prophet Mohammad's body is - for it reached the Empyrean of God, a place the Human Soul cannot even access.

- Some religious clerics say that on the Night of Ascension, Prophet Mohammad did not see God, but rather signs of God. However, what would be the purpose of reaching the Empyrean of God if not to see God?

- The way Prophet Mohammad saw God was three-dimensional. There are three methods through which one could see God: the subtlety of Ana, the Tifl-e-Noorie (Body of God's Light) and the Jussa-e-Taufiq-e-Illahi (Divine Sub-Spirit). Prophet Mohammad saw God through all three means; this is the complete form of Liqa Billah.

- When Prophet Mohammad came face to face with God's Ancient Essence, divine theophanies from God's Ancient Essence fell upon Prophet Mohammad's body, diminishing any density that may have entered his body from his time on Earth. Thereafter, Prophet Mohammad became immortal and his body became so ethereal that when he returned to Earth and would walk in the Sun, he would not cast any shadow. He became a beautiful combination of Hadis (mortal) and Qadeem (ancient) divine energy, from head to toe.


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