Friday, 30 November 2018

Haroof-e-Muqatiat: ‘Alif Laam Ra’ Ka Raaz

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On the holy day of Jashan-e-Riaz (25 November), which celebrates the arrival of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi in this world, Younus AlGohar delivered a ground-breaking speech and revealed the ultimate divine secret: Alif Laam Ra in light of the Koran.

Main points:

- There are the Disjointed Letters (Haruf-e-Mukatiyat) in the Koran. Each letter represents an entire set of knowledge or a personality. Two sets of Disjointed Letters are mentioned in this speech: ALM and ALR.

- The divine secrets, meaning and the accompanying spiritual benevolence of ALM are all rendered from the heart of Prophet Mohammad.  According to the Koran 2:1-3, the Pure Ones (Mutakeen), who believe in the Unseen and who have established Salat receive the benevolence of ALM; they share their esoteric and exoteric provisions with humanity. The conditions mentioned in this verse of the Koran indicate that ALM has been capped with religious restrictions - it is to be granted those who have accepted Islam only. 

- His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi says, 'To recognise and access God, learn spirituality regardless of what religion or sect you belong to.' In Koran 14:1, God said to Prophet Mohammad, 'O' Messenger of God, we also revealed the knowledge of ALR so that you could take humanity out from the darkness of misguidance and towards divine energy. You have permission from your Lord to do.’ God did not place any religious restrictions upon ALR; God gave Prophet Mohammad permission to use ALR to bring humanity towards divine energy - regardless of their religion.

- Koran 93:4 states that Prophet Mohammad's second era would be greater than his first. After the Night of Ascension, Prophet Mohammad told his close Companions that in the end times, a personality from his lineage would come and free the world of darkness and tyranny. When he was asked to describe this personality, Imam Mehdi, Prophet Mohammad would describe himself. According to Prophetic Traditions, Imam Mehdi would be identical to Prophet Mohammad from head to toe; and Imam Mehdi would have Mohammad in him. Imam Mehdi has the presence of Prophet Mohammad in Him; He has Prophet Mohammad's Terrestrial Spirits, Prophet Mohammad's Akhfah (Hamid) and Prophet Mohammad's Ana (Mehmood).   The personality of Imam Mehdi, His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi, is partially the second era of Prophet Mohammad.

- Some of the Koran was for Prophet Mohammad’s first era which was restricted by the religion and some of the Koran is for the second era in which there are no restrictions of the religion. The Dhikr of ALRA and secrets of ALRA, according to the Koran, were revealed upon the heart of the Prophet Mohammad.  ALRA is not a new innovation, it is an exclusive Custom of the Prophet Mohammad.  Whoever wants to meet the Lord, he can do so without entering any religion, without any restrictions - he can come forward as a member of humanity and enlighten his heart and soul with Alif Laam Ra, the custom of Prophet Mohammad’s second era.

- God's religion is God's love. Imam Mehdi, with all spiritual power and authority, is making this religion of God readily available. The knowledge of ALR is not new; it was granted by Prophet Mohammad to Bibi Fatima so that she could bless the Hindus, it was given to personalities like Ghous Pak so that they could bless people like Baba Guru Nanak. When somebody asked His Divine Eminence, 'I understand there are many divine protocols associated with receiving the Opening of the Spiritual Heart as a Muslim; what about the non-Muslims?' HDE Gohar Shahi replied, ‘For them, I am enough.’

- His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi mentioned in His Book, The Religion of God, that in the end times, a special soul would come and grant people a special name of God. That special name is ALR. When Prophet Mohammad ascended on the Night of Ascension and asked God to increase knowledge in him, God granted him the knowledge of ALR.


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