Monday, 26 November 2018

Arkan-e-Islam: Sayedna Gohar Shahi Ka Aqeeda

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Kalima Tayyab: 3:26 | Namaz: 15:16 | Roza: 23:05 | Hajj: 25:27 | Zakat: 26:45

Younus AlGohar answers questions from viewer Ehsan Qazi and a group of religious scholars about the tenets of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi, particularly about Salat (Namaz) and the crucial role the heart plays in Islam. He also explains his tenets regarding Hajj, Zakat, fasting and the Day of Judgement.

Main points:

- Salat is a sublime type of worship granted to Prophet Mohammad's Nation by God. The worship of all the angels combined cannot equal the Salat of a True Believer. The foremost obligation in Islam is the Motto of Faith, which is the greatest invocation according to the Koran. Prophet Mohammad first settled the Motto of Faith in the hearts and people's Lower Selves were purified in Prophet Mohammad's company. It was only after the hearts were filled with divine energy and the Lower Selves were purified that Prophet Mohammad ascended on the Night of Ascension and brought back the gift of Salat. Then, when people would perform Salat, the divine energy of the Salat would enter their hearts. This is why Prophet Mohammad said that Salat is invalid without the presence of the heart.

- Islam requires 'declaration by the tongue and affirmation by the heart.' When you verbally say God's name, your heart should also invoke upon God. Guidance does not have to do with the tongues or the deeds of the body; guidance is to do with the heart. The Koran says that those who obtain Shahr-e-Sadr (Opening of the Chest) for Islam will obtain God's light.  The spiritual dignitaries have said that reviving the heart and flourishing the heart with God's name is the beginning of Sharah-e-Sadr. The Koran forbids following people whose hearts God has kept heedless of his remembrance. When you become a True Believer that is when the Salat becomes obligatory upon you. In order to become a True Believer, it is necessary for the heart to recite the Motto of Faith.

- Fasting in obligatory upon True Believers. The purpose of fasting is to purify the Lower Self. When you keep your stomach empty of food and your liver dry of water for extended periods of time, as a True Believer, the divine energy from your heart will enter your stomach and liver. This is how the Lower Self will begin to be purified, consuming a diet of divine energy as opposed to its usual diet of negative energy. The reason people fast and yet are involved in all sorts of vices is that they are not True Believers and are not reaping the spiritual benefits of fasting.

- True Hajj is when all seven of your subtleties have engaged in their respective forms of invocation simultaneously. Then when you circumambulate the Kaaba, with each round, a theophany from Bait ul Mamour will fall upon one of your subtleties; this is how all seven of your subtleties will come under the theophanies of Bait ul Mamour by the end of the Hajj. This is when your Hajj is accepted and your faith is perfected.

- A Muslim gives 2.5% of their earnings to Zakat whereas a saint of God gives 97.5% of their earnings to Zakat. A common Muslim has to provide for his family whereas a saint of God is one who has plunged into the ocean of divine energy of God’s name; he is one who is lost in God’s love. A saint of God breaks off all his relations and remembers nobody else but God; therefore, all his wealth goes into Zakat.

- God is the Owner of the Day of Judgement. Whatever your deeds, good or bad, it is up to God where you will end up. If anyone is granted salvation, they will be granted it with the permission of God only. If any prophet, messenger or saint grants salvation, they are doing it with God’s permission.


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