Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Haqooq ul Ibaad Aur Haqooq Allah

I heard that God will forgive any obligations to him that we fail to fulfill as long as we fully respect the rights of others on us. Is this true?'


- The idea that you can neglect your obligations to God in favour of fulfilling your obligations to your family has been spread by the religious clerics. This concept promotes worldliness.

- If God were to forgive you for completely neglecting your obligations to him - such as carrying out the required worship, fasting and embarking on the spiritual quest to find God - then you would not have to answer questions during the Torment of the Grave.

'Become lost in the name of your Lord and cut off ties with all other relations'. Quran 73:8
- As a member of society, Islam teaches you the rights of others upon you. This is so that you do not behave unjustly with anybody.

- First and foremost, God has all rights upon you. After him comes the rights of Prophet Mohammad (saw), then the Ahle Bayt (Household of the Prophet) and then all others. The Spiritual Mediator represents God's, Prophet Mohammad (saw)'s and the Ahle Bayt's rights upon you.

- If God were to forgive everybody for neglecting his rights upon them, then he would not have created hellfire.


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