Sunday, 1 September 2019

Nafs Ko Qatal Karna Kya Hai?

What is the Nafs (Lower Self) and how do we destroy it?


- The Nafs is from the nation of Jinns. The Terrestrial Realm (this universe) is it’s home. It has been placed inside you to test you and keep you interested in the world and it’s comforts. You need spiritual knowledge to purify it.

- The Qalb (Spiritual Heart) comes from the Angelic Realm. It is dormant in you but when it is awakened, it pulls you towards the higher realms.

- To purify the Nafs, you have to change its diet from Naar (Negative Energy) to Noor (Divine Energy). It can change from Ammarah (Commanding Self) to Lawwama (Blameworthy Self) from your worship and austerities, but you need Noor to help it progress beyond that. The Nafs has to recite the Kalima (Motto of Faith) and the Murshid (Spiritual Mentor) has to give it Noor with his spiritual concentration.

- Koran 2:54 says to break the Nafs apart. The Nafs is a combination of four Jinns bound together with Naar. You need to break the bond with Noor.

- An easy way to purify your Nafs and teach it to be obedient to HDE Gohar Shahi is as follows:

1. Perform ablution and sit down on a prayer mat.
2. Visualise HDE Gohar Shahi.
3. Verbally chant ‘Mehdi-e-Barhaq Gohar Shahi’ while focusing on the point of the Nafs.


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