Monday, 30 September 2019

What is Ilm ul Muarifah

What is Ilm ul Muarifah? Younus AlGohar explains.


- There are different types of knowledge. Sharia is the sacred law whereas Tariqah has been declared by the Prophetic Traditions to be profitable knowledge.

- Through Tariqah, you manage to bring divine energy into your heart, making you a Momin (Devout Believer).

'O' Ali, close your eyes and hear the Kalima (Motto of Faith) inside your heart'. - Prophetic Tradition

- Through Tariqah, you manage to purify your Lower Self, your ego and your heart. You also manage to arrive at God and see God.

- The one who helps you in Tariqah has Ilm ul Muarifah. To teach Tariqah is the knowledge of Ilm ul Muarifah.


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