Monday, 2 September 2019

Sufi Path is the Path to Love

The first in our new series of English-language videos for the aspirants of Sufism, this video is a great introduction to anyone wishing to embark on the Sufi path.


- Sufism is the path of love and purification. Through it, you apply to God for his love. To follow this path, you adapt the ways of the Sufis.

- Sufism involves Activation of the Spiritual Heart, the celestial soul that sits on top of the physical heart. It is the gateway of love. You will obtain this Activation of the Spiritual Heart only through a divinely ordained Spiritual Mediator.

‘Whoever recognises himself has only recognised his Lord.’ - Prophetic Tradition

- The Self is of two types: terrestrial and celestial. The Terrestrial Self is the Subtlety of Nafs (Lower Self) and the Celestial Self is the Subtlety of Ana (Higher Self). Ana means ‘I’ in Arabic and it is representation of God in us.

- There are many thousands of Sufis who are successful in purifying their Nafs, but they never managed to see God. So this word ‘Self’, in this particular Prophetic Tradition does not refer to the Lower Self; rather, it is referred to the Higher Self which is the Ana. This is why the Lower Self is directly connected to the Higher Self. When both are purified, you are a complete Self.


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