Sunday 15 December 2019

SC12: Qalb Ke Functions

In Lesson 12 of the Elementary Sufi Course, Younus AlGohar goes over the first function of the Spiritual Heart: Understanding of Religion and God and Communication with God.


'Those who do not believe - it does not matter whether you warn them or not - they will not believe in God. God has placed a seal up their hearts and their hearing and a veil upon their eyes.' Quran 2:7

- One of the most important spiritual functions of the heart is to have the ability to understand religion and understand God. The intellect does not have this calibre because it is limited. The intellect can only recognise things that it is able to see. It cannot explain anything it has not seen.

- In the first instance, the heart needs to engage in the eternal chanting of God's name. God's light will energise and strengthen it. When the heart becomes shiny, in the next stage, it will earn Gods favourable sight. When one's heart is under the divine radar, they will automatically come under the sight of God.

- Those who wanted to understand a religion without adopting spirituality happened to divide it into many unnecessary branches. This applies to Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc. None of them knows about God. In order to understand religion, one must simply enlighten the heart.

- That is when God says, as he did in Genesis 1:27, 'That is the man that I have created in my own image'.

- Initially, when the heart is revived and God’s name settles within, it becomes a Qalb e Saleem (the Secured Heart). At this stage, the Spiritual Heart is an Abid (Worshipper).

'On the Day, neither your sons nor your wealth shall benefit you. Only he shall be successful who brings forth a Qalb e Saleem'. Quran 26:88-89

- In order to be granted fiqh (the divine understanding), one must go beyond the stage of Devout Believer and become an Aalim-e-Haq (True Scholar); for that, the Qalb e Muneeb must be revived.

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