Thursday 26 December 2019

SC17: Qalb Ka 5th Function: Fana

In Lesson 17 of the Elementary Sufi Course, Younus AlGohar discusses the fifth function of the Spiritual Heart: Connection with the Spiritual Mediator - Spiritual Anchorage (Fana).


- His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi said, 'When I want to cast my merciful sight upon someone, I think about that person. His physical profile appears before me through which I bless him'. This is for average followers.

- The next stage is Manzoor e Nazar. This refers to someone whose physical profile has been absorbed in the eyes of the Spiritual Mediator; they remain under his constant spiritual concentration.

- There are four chambers in the heart: Snober (The Pine Heart), Saleem ( The Secured Heart), Muneeb (The Heart Turned Towards God), Shaheed (Witnessing Heart). The base, Qalb e Snober (The Pine Heart),  does not change.

- If the Spiritual Mediator wants to make the enlightened man a Fan fi Sheikh, the sub-spirit of the Qalb e Saleem will be taken out and replaced by a sub-spirit of the Spiritual Mediator.

- Fana fi Sheikh Akmal is the next stage in which another sub-spirit, the Qalb e Muneeb, is taken out from the Spiritual Heart and replaced by the Qalb e Muneeb of the Spiritual Mediator. Now there are two sub-spirits of the Spiritual Mediator and only one of the enlightened man's.

- Fana Fi Sheikh Mukammal is the next rank in which all three of the Spiritual Heart's sub-spirits are taken out and replaced by the sub-spirits of the Spiritual Mediator. Now, the enlightened man no longer exists in his own heart.

- The Spiritual Heart is rotating. When the sub-spirit of the Spiritual Mediator is in alignment with the Akhfah, then as the Fana fi Sheikh speaks, the words he utters will be from the Spiritual Mediator. If all the chambers of the heart are filled with the sub-spirits of the Spiritual Mediator, whenever such a man speaks, it is the Spiritual Mediator who speaks through him.

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