Friday 20 December 2019

SC15: Qalb Ka Teesra Function: Taleem o Tarbiyat

In Lesson 15 of the Elementary Sufi Course, Younus AlGohar discusses the third function of the Spiritual Heart: Academic use of the Spiritual Heart to transmit knowledge.


- In the Esoteric Realm, all spiritual training of human beings is done through the Spiritual Heart.

In Quran 2:97, God said that Gabriel revealed the Quran upon the heart of the Prophet Mohammad (saw).

- If God wants to render education, knowledge or any secrets, he will not send anybody down with a book nor will he speak to the intellect. God will transmit all those educational spiritual chapters in the form of light to the heart.

- Therefore, those who want to become religious scholars should follow the same rule that God applied to Prophet Mohammad (saw) and all other prophets. The Customary Practice of the Prophet is to revive and enlighten the heart so that the Quran may be transmitted to that heart just as Gabriel revealed it upon the Prophet Mohammad (saw)'s heart. 

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