Tuesday 31 December 2019

SC18: Tazkia e Nafs Kiyon Zaroori Hai?

In Lesson 18 of the Elementary Sufi Course, Younus AlGohar delves into the topic of the Nafs (Lower Self) and why it is important to purify it.


- In the light of the Quran, there are four sub-spirits of the Lower Self: Nafs e Ammarah (The Commanding Self, Quran 12:53), Nafs e Lawamma (The Blameworthy Self, Quran 75:2), Nafs e Mulhima (The Inspired Self, Quran 91:8), Nafs e Mutmaina (The Contented Self, Quran 89:27).

- The scholars of the religions have adulterated and corrupted the tenets so much so that they have changed the entire belief system and destroyed the aspirations of potential seekers. When it comes to the Customary Practices of the Prophet Mohammad (saw), they only regard the acts done by the body of the Prophet to qualify; they are unaware of the deeds of the Lower Self, Spiritual Heart and Main Soul of the Prophet Mohammad (saw).

- One must recognise how to live life according to his/her religion and how to remove the hurdles that come along the way. One’s tenet should be based on the facts from the Quran rather than fabricated stories. That is when the Customary Practices of the Prophet will be beneficial in every turn of life.

- What protective deed will eliminate the desire to do wrong?Just as there is a repellent for insects, there is a spiritual deterrent against anything unlawful. It is to cure the root of evil, the Lower Self, so that the heart is not inclined towards the unlawful.

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