Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Aglay Pichlay Gunah Kesay Muaf Hotay Hain?

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Younus AlGohar explains what God meant in Koran 48:1 when he told Prophet Mohammad that the past and future sins of his Companions had been forgiven after the Conquest of Mecca.

- When Mecca was conquered, the invocation of the hearts of Companions of Prophet Mohammad who had obtained spiritual knowledge and benevolence had reached 125 000 a day consistently. On the occasion of the Conquest of Mecca, in Koran 48:1, God said to Prophet Mohammad that for his sake, God removed his veils and was unveiled before those Companions. And the past and future sins of those Companions had been forgiven.

- If a person’s heart reaches the invocation of 125 000 a day, then for them to qualify to be at this stage in spirituality, their heart must consistently reach 125 000 repetitions of God’s name a day. And this is only possible for the hearts God has granted permission to reach 125 000 repetitions of his name a day. The 125 000 invocations a day is the culmination of worship; if someone’s heart does this every day, then he is basically saying to God that he wants to be promoted from the stage of worship to God’s Rapturous Love. If your heart reaches and stays at this stage, then you are guaranteed to see God and you will be worthy of the Firdaus paradise. And all his past and future sins have been forgiven.

- What does it mean for someone’s past and future sins to be forgiven? It means they will come under the theophanies of God. 360 theophanies would fall upon them. One theophany of God burns seven Great Sins (esoteric sins). So when 360 theophanies would be falling upon them, would they have any sins left?

- In one Prophetic Tradition, Prophet Mohammad said that God’s name is pure and cannot stay in an impure place; in another, Prophet Mohammad said that the means of polishing the heart is the invocation of God’s name. These two statements appear to contradict each other, but they don’t. The meaning of the first Prophetic Tradition is that the Spiritual Guide must first cleanse the heart with his Merciful Glance; then, the seed of God’s name can be implanted in the heart; so when the Spiritual Guide does this, the disciple’s heart is cleansed of the past sins. Then, once the invocation begins in the heart, God’s name will not allow sins to penetrate the heart.

- The meaning of this verse of the Koran is that after the Conquest of Mecca, God allowed the hearts of certain Companions of the Prophet to reach the invocation of 125 000 a day who would not have been able to do so in normal circumstances - and thus their past and future sins were forgiven. God said that it was for Prophet Mohammad’s sake - meaning that those Companions were being granted this divine gift solely due to their association with Prophet Mohammad.


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