Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Kya Islami Filmein Dekhna Jayez Hai?

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Is it permissible to watch Islamic movies centred around important figures in Islam, like the ones produced by Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Hollywood, etc? Watch this video for Younus AlGohar’s answer.

Main points:

- People have made many videos. Hollywood has made movies about Samson and Delilah, Jesus, Prophet Mohammad, etc. Movies have been made on various topics from action to politics. But the producers of these movies decided to target the religious audience by making such movies. The ones who make these movies, to dramatise the story, they add their own twists, turns and embellishments to get the desired effect. As a result, they do not accurately convey what really happened, however, the viewer leaves the cinema thinking that what they just saw is what happened in reality with the historical and religious figures the movie portrayed.

- Just look at Pakistani dramas. If the director is part of the Wahhabi sect, the characters in his show will follow his tenets and he will use the drama to convey his belief system. And if the director is a Sunni, he will not project his tenet in the drama, but he will definitely include a scene of a Sufi shrine at some point in the drama. Films are a very dangerous tool; people will remember films better than they would remember books that were of the same length as the film scripts.

- Growing up in Pakistan, we often heard from religious clerics about the tragedy of Karbala. The way the religious clerics described the battlefield of Karbala was scene by scene. The question then arises: was there somebody on the battlefield of Karbala who simply sat there, recording every passing moment? How could that be? The first book that was compiled in Islamic history was done so 200 years after the demise of Prophet Mohammad. And the incident of Karbala took place in 680 AD, approximately 150 years before any written record. How would those writing the record 150 years later know whether what they were being told about the incident Karbala was true or not?

- An example of how movies distort history is The Da Vinci Code. The Holy Grail was a bowl that was used to collect Jesus Christ’s blood that fell from his wounds while he was on the cross. However, The Da Vinci Code movie tried to portray that Mary Magdalene’s womb was the Holy Grail and where Jesus Christ’s sperm entered and stayed. This is how much they changed the truth. And they projected that Jesus had a child and Mary Magdalene was his girlfriend. This is all blasphemous; people made up stories like this just to make money.

- Religious films are not entertainment. If you just want to watch a movie for entertainment, then watch something else. Do not watch religious films. If you watch videos produced by the Arab film industry about Ameer Mauwiya, you will end up thinking he was a fair and great man; similarly, if you watch their films about Yazeed, you will be left with the impression that Yazeed was in the right during the Battle of Karbala. Therefore, it is better not to watch films that appear to be Islamic because they will leave a profound effect on your mind.


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