Friday, 28 December 2018

Latifa-e-Nafs Kya Hai?

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Younus AlGohar’s response to a daily viewer who asked how he can stop himself from falling prey to his Lower Self (Latifa-e-Nafs).

Main points:

- The whole world is subject to their Lower Selves and there is only one way to stop this: we must teach the Spiritual Heart to recite the name of God; once it starts reciting the name of God, it will generate divine energy which will eventually reach the Lower Self. A Prophetic Tradition says, ‘One who has purifies his Lower Self has recognised his Lord.’ God says in the Koran 87:14, ‘I am hidden behind veil of your Lower Selves, but you never glance inside yourself to find me.’ So, purifying your Lower Self is the main task.

- God has placed seven spirits within us. Five of those spirits are in our chests, The Spiritual Heart (Qalb), the Main Human Soul (Rouh), Sirri, Khafi and Akhfa. One spirit is in our head through the help of which we are able to think and comprehend: the Ana. There is also a spirit placed at our navel point for which Prophet Mohammad said, ‘When a human is born, then a Satanic Jinn is also born with him.’ The Companions asked him, ‘Was a Jinn born with you as well?’ and Prophet Mohammad replied, ‘Yes, there was; but it was purified in my company.’

- The Lower Self is a satanic germ. When a baby is born and it comes out of the mother’s womb, angels stand there and insert the Main Human Soul and accompanying spirits into the baby which is why the baby starts crying. Along with angels, the Satan stands there too; he has the permission by God to insert his satanic germ, the Lower Self, into the baby. That satanic germ enters the baby’s body and sits at the navel point. The Lower Self is a small germ when it first enters the baby’s body but in 12 years, it grows up and becomes a fully-grown Jinn. The Lower Self compels us commit immoral acts and drags us towards the world. To purify the Lower Self is try Islam. Until the Lower Self is purified, in God’s eyes we are impure. People became great saints only after they have purified their Lower Selves.

- God asked everyone to bow down to Adam but the the Devil didn’t. When God asked why, he said, ‘I’m better than him, I’m made from fire and he is made from clay’. We all have an impure Jinn in us which is why we also think we are the best. Until you purify your Lower Self, you will keep hearing this word: Me. You won’t see anybody else. When it gets purified, ‘Me’ comes out with divine energy. The Spiritual Guide’s purpose is to engage people’s hearts in recitation of God’s name and the Lower Self too. Once it is purified, God notices you. The whole of Islam is this: to get a hold of the Devil inside and make it a Muslim. People keep beards and make themselves a Muslim from the outside but don’t even bother with the Devil inside.

- ‘Every Lower Self must taste death.’ When the the Lower Self is purified, it takes on the same appearance as that of your body. So what’s the point of purifying the Lower Self? Firstly, those evil doings and temptations will be gone. Secondly, when you die, your soul goes to the higher realms. Your Lower Self will sit in the gave and continue reciting God’s name which will benefit your soul. Similarly, if your heart is purified, then sub-spirits will emerge from within it and they will sit in the grave and recite God’s name too. And the rewards of their recitation will be reaped by your soul. That's why people say these saints are still alive.

-  After the Day of Judgement, all the Lower Selves will die and God will give the Devout Believers entering the Paradise new Lower Selves (Nafs-e-Qudsi, who praise God). The Lower Self is not purified by worship alone, no matter how much you do it. You will only successful manage to purify your Lower Self and heart with the Koran when your Lower Self and heart - not your tongue - engage in invocation of God’s name.


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