Monday, 31 December 2018

Ulema Ne Sayedna Gohar Shahi Ki Mukhalifat Kiyon Ki

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Younus AlGohar’s eye-opening lecture exposing the magnitude of the modifications to the religion of Islam made by people like Ibn Taymiyyah and the role his tenets have played in shaping the Muslim community today. Younus AlGohar also explains what triggered the religious scholars to vehemently oppose His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi and His mission.

Main points:

- During his lifetime, Prophet Mohammad would be under a constant shower of divine theophanies. Prophet Mohammad said, ‘If someone visits my grave, it will be as if he visited me during my lifetime,’ which simply means that the grave of Prophet Mohammad would also be under the divine theophanies. When Prophet Mohammad made this statement, it was a reference to spiritual knowledge. Prophet Mohammad’s benevolence is available to be availed; the benevolence of all the Grand Messengers is valid until the Day of Judgement.

- Spiritual knowledge was not permitted to be spread. People like Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Jozi, Ibn Qayyam, Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab Najadi project an interpretation of the religion which rejects spiritual knowledge and encourages people to become enemies of spirituality. Ibn Taymiyyah had the audacity to say that whoever visits the shrine of Prophet Mohammad commits Shirk and Biddah (innovation in the religion) - completely going against Prophet Mohammad’s own statement about visiting his grave. Ibn Taymiyyah rejected the notion that there could be saints of God and the necessity for any intermediary between a man and God. However, Prophet Mohammad served as an intermediary; and then spiritually transferred the duty to Moula Ali, who started the chain of saints in Islam who would serve as intermediaries. But the corrupt clerics have made everything in the religion subject to doubts.

- In this era, when disbelief, innovation and Shirk have reached their culmination, HDE Gohar Shahi set foot on Earth. He gave the true concept of Divine Oneness, Prophethood and sainthood - as God wanted. He began the Heart Enlightenment Movement, the campaign to bring God’s name into people’s hearts, hence bringing in faith. This was when all the Satans in whatever guise they were, united in opposition of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi.

- Wherever HDE Gohar Shahi went, He spoke the truth regardless of whether or not people liked it. When the Wahhabis and Deobandis and Shiites and Sunnis came to know that HDE Gohar Shahi does not fear anyone, they realised that He is the truth and they tried their utmost to suppress HDE Gohar Shahi. HDE Gohar Shahi exposed the religious scholars and the pseudo-Sufis alike, so they became His enemies. Then HDE Gohar Shahi delivered a monumental speech at Mochi Darwaza, Lahore attended by 7 million people. After Mochi Darwaza, the politicians and Pakistani agencies felt threatened; they thought, ‘What if Gohar Shahi takes over the country in an Ayatullah Khomenei style revolution?’ Then the media of Pakistan, the agencies, religious scholars, judiciary, police, etc. all began opposing HDE Gohar Shahi. That was when HDE Gohar Shahi removed the clouds of benevolence from the area of Pakistan.

- Now the time is near for the Revolution of Rapturous Love. We have been in a transition period. For example, the automobile industry is steadily transitioning towards fully electric vehicles. Similarly firstly when a prophet comes, there is servitude, worship and abstinence; after that is the era of saints, known as the Era of Mercy - in which people worship less and people are blessed through the Merciful Glance of the Saints. Now we are in the era in which there is only Rapturous Love available; we are in the era when through HDE Gohar Shahi’s benevolence, people’s hearts, Lower Selves are being purified at the same time. No such generous personality has ever come or shall ever come again.


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