Sunday, 30 December 2018

Triple Talaq | Teen Talaq Ka Masla

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Is divorce only valid when it is said three times or just once? Younus AlGohar answers this question with a unique perceptive.

Main points:

- People often say that God does not approve of divorce, however, this applies only to marriages arranged according to God’s instructions in the Koran. If an enlightened man and an enlightened woman marry, then it’s done upon God’s given criteria. If they divorce, this would anger God. However, if an enlightened man and an unenlightened woman were to marry, their divorce wouldn’t affect God at all since their marriage was not in accordance with his advice, to begin with.

- If an enlightened man and woman marry, the divine energy in their hearts would keep them together. Then in this scenario, if matters deteriorate, the husband can serve his wife part one of the divorce. As the wife is enlightened, she may feel blameworthy after this and feel inclined to reconcile.

- Prophet Mohammad said, ‘Marry because of religion, see how devout he/she is.’ Prophet Mohammad also said, ‘Marry someone you love.’ If people follow this and try to get to know someone before they marry them, people in the Muslim community point fingers at them and say they are having a love affair. The custom of arranging marriage and not allowing the bride and groom to spend time with one another until the wedding is not what Islam teaches.

- Prophet Mohammad introduced the method of giving time when going through a divorce. Approach the wife softly. Don’t just give a divorce because of something minor. When Prophet Mohammad found out that a woman’s marriage was done against her will, he immediately had her divorced and told the woman’s parents to let her marry according to her own choice.


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