Saturday 26 July 2014

Divine Wrath in the Modern Era

The following is a transcript of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech at the MFI Headquartres in London.

Today, people are just dying for one reason or another. I was thinking, 'Why is this happening?' and I heard a spiritual voice and the voice said, 'You are going through the process of the End of the World.' The world is ending. It is taking its time and with time, it is taking its toll. We have to hurry. We have to take this message of love everywhere. We have to ask ourselves if we have determination, dedication and time. Time needs its investment.

First of all, I would like to condemn what's happening in Palestine. Young babies are being killed and innocent people are being killed; regardless of what religion they come from, after all, they are human beings. The United States of America has tried to convince the Head of the State of Israel. John Kerry went there and he was unsuccessful and disappointed. Hilary Clinton went there and she was really surprised at how the Head of State of the country reacted.

You need to understand the difference between Jews and Zionists. These people who are killing Palestinians are not Jews, they are Zionists. Have you ever heard of a secret group called Illuminati? They have made a New World Order. Most of the western celebrities, film stars, army generals and the like are part of Illuminati.

What I'm going to say now is going to be very painful to your heart. Sometimes, we say, 'Innocent people are killed,' and we really condemn and we should condemn; but deep down, digging out the truth, we come to know that this is the Divine Wrath. God wants people to love him and unite. Those who are supposed to love God have become oblivion of their destiny. They have become forgetful, they have become heedless. When you become heedless of God and to love God is written in the book of your fate, then God punishes you. I asked why so many people are killed and I was told, 'Watch this.' I saw [it] in the 'Realm of Example'. It was like a scene from the Primordial Times, like Youm-e-Azal (The Primordial Day) had temporarily been reestablished and I was asked to go and tell them about the message of Imam Mehdi, Messiah and Kalki Avatar. I told them and nobody wanted to listen; everybody was busy. I was trying hard to tell them to look at the images of both Jesus Christ and the Awaited One Gohar Shahi on the Moon and Sun.

All these signs have now become prominent; God is working really hard, God is being really merciful and giving a lot of concession to humanity. But human beings do not want to benefit from this divine facility. [In the Realm of Example,] they were so heedless, they were throwing away the leaflets, they were so arrogant and they were so lost in the wilderness of their desires. I got really angry and I said, 'These people should die.' Then the scene stopped and then the voice said, 'This is why they are dying.'

If you do not have an insight in spirituality and if you do not have the ability to foresee things, then obviously you will say, 'Whatever is happening today in all these countries where people are dying is sheer tyranny.' But my friend, this tyranny is being carried out upon the directives of God.

You do not know their belief system; you do not know their priorities [or] what they are aiming to do. So this is happening. Obviously, when you see such scenes and disturbing images of people getting killed - different parts of their bodies are being blown away and falling down on the earth from a broken airplane in the sky - then you get really depressed and annoyed at those who are responsible for bringing all these things into existence. However, nothing is happening against God's plan. It is all God's plan.

Back in 1997, when I was visiting South Africa, we went to the embassy of Iraq in Pretoria and the Ambassador of Iraq came out and said, 'You are telling me about Imam Mehdi. He comes from my village. How do you know about him?' Then when we went to the embassy of Iran, they said the same thing. One Imam Mehdi came from Iran and another from Iraq. In 2004, I would visit Dubai very frequently and I would stay with a friend in Sharjah, who lived in an apartment. The caretaker of that building was a Syrian. Near the building, we used to play cricket. He would come and scream; my friend told me, 'This guy is Syrian. He is a pimp. He doesn't mind if, for money, he has to ask his sister, daughter or wife to sleep with somebody.' 10 years ago, it was very famous in Sharjah and Dubai that these Syrians were so into this business [of being pimps], they had no modesty, they had no practice of Islam. Everything was confined to lip service only.

So much has been said about Syria in Ahadith and so many conspiracies have been hatched regarding Imam Mehdi, regarding Lord Jesus Christ. This place of Syria was to be doomed, was to be destructed according to the foretelling of the Prophet of Islam. In one Hadith, the Prophet foretold, 'When you see the fire rising from Syria and reaching the sky, that will be the time of the advent of Imam Mehdi.'

In Iraq, what Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is doing is that, wherever he finds a Shia, he kills them. There was a Mehdi Force in Iraq; I believe that it is gone. So many Shiite in Syria who would potentially stir up the mission of Messiah Foundation International have come to an end. I don't know how true it is, but I heard that everything happens for a reason. Maybe whatever is happening in the world is happening for a reason. Maybe today we do not know the reason, however, tomorrow we will shed some light on this dark horse of untold reasons.

But being the flag bearers of love and the flag bearers of the Messiah/Imam Mehdi, we are indebted to The Awaited One Gohar Shahi. We have the burden of responsibility on our shoulders to [propagate] this message of love and the practical methodology of spirituality to enlighten the hearts of people who have been waiting for such a message. There are thousands of people out there who for some reason do not reveal what they want because they themselves do not know what their soul wants.

Many people are not in search for God because they are so lost in the wilderness of their desires that the outcry of their soul is suppressed. The desire of their soul does not come to be known by their intellect. However, the moment they look at the images of His Divine Grace Gohar Shahi, their heart is struck straight away.

We want this message to go to all hearts regardless of religious background, colour of their skin or the language they speak. This message is for all as long as they are human beings.

Turbulent times are approaching very rapidly, disturbing times are coming. We need to be a little quicker than we may be. In order to expedite the process of taking this mission to different corners of the globe. I have requested our members to form teams and leave for different destinations and show them the way. Tell them about the existence of love and implant God's love into their hearts. You are the chosen ones. You have been delegated to lead humanity. You cannot afford to be lazy. You cannot afford to be overcome by laziness, by desires, or anything else. You are the leaders of the world. You will lead the hearts to God.

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