Saturday 5 July 2014

ISIS, Jihad & the Immediate Solution to Radicalisation of Muslims in the West

The following is a transcript of His Holiness Younus AlGohar’s speech. 

New developments in Iran, Iraq and Syria are really troublesome. I am very thoughtful about the repercussions of what has already transpired in these countries. What they are doing is nothing but ridiculing the religion of Islam; they’re making fun of the religion of Islam. Inside the Supreme Court of the United States of America, a frieze reads, ‘The Prophet Mohammad is the best giver of law to humanity in the history of human beings.’
See what is happening today in the name of Prophet Mohammad and in the name of Islam. It is really bad. It is not just bad — somebody has to do something about it!

The Muslim clerics all over the world — especially from the Salafi and Wahhabi denominations of Islam — requested parents to send their daughters to Syria and Iraq so that they could sleep with ISIS militants and have sex with them. If they do this, it was said, allegedly, that it would be a great virtue according to the teachings of Islam. I first laughed and then I got really serious. There were two forms of jihad (holy war): jihad against your Nafs (Self/Ego) and jihad with the sword — and now they have introduced another jihad: the sexual jihad. This is terrible.

I get frustrated when I see what the world leaders are doing to stop this nuisance, to stop this tyranny. Their efforts are nothing but making empty claims, empty slogans without the truth. Their dirty politics have eventually jeopardised the global peace. Not only has the global peace been jeopardised by their folly, at the same time, the world today is at the brink of another universal, world war. It is really sad that no government, no Muslim cleric, no Muslim leader has condemned the atrocities of these Islamic militants in Iraq and in Syria. 

What they’re doing now in Iraq and Syria is something that a peace-loving citizen would never imagine. They are demolishing the graves of holy people. They have threatened that they are going to demolish the grave of the grand saint of Baghdad, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, Ghous-e-Azam RA. The reason I said I get really thoughtful, annoyed and frustrated when I see what the world leaders are doing today, either they will take it to the sword and they will kill some of them or they will tighten the security at the airports, where only good people go.

For example, the operation going on against the Taliban in Pakistan: it is very important that this operation should be carried out with pure intentions, clear understanding of their target and with clear objective. However this is not the ultimate solution.

What is really fearsome — a matter of apprehension for a common citizen of the world today - is that these people are everywhere: in the United States of America, United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland, France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Australia — everywhere. They are using the umbrella of mosques and religious seminaries.

If you think they are going to a mosque for prayers, you are not completely right; because they go there not just for the prayers, but also for hate-training and hate-preaching. Especially if you talk to this young generation in the United Kingdom, it’s like they’re so ignorant: they don’t know anything. They do not know any ethical values. They do not know how to talk. All they want to do is put up their flag on 10 Downing Street. 400 young boys from England went into Syria and Iraq and they are part of ISIS. They are part of this new nascent organisation, a fraction from Al-Qaeda which is considered to be even worse than their mother organisation, Al-Qaeda.

In order to address the problem directly, mosques should not be allowed for any other purpose other than Salat (prayer). No preaching, no training, no talim (teachings). ‘You have a holy copy of Quran? Take it home, study there.’ I am openly saying this. There is a proverb in Urdu: ‘Do not go after the thieves; look for the thieves’ mother.’ These religious schools (madressas) are serving as factories of terrorism.

A delegation of Messiah Foundation International should meet with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and give him advice, because they do not know [the ISIS’s] nature; we know everything [about them]. As a British Citizen, we should be doing this to save this country and humanity. We should be helping the government. I feel a burden of obligation, being a British Citizen.

This is a curse. When you are punished by God, the first thing that happens is that you lose your intellect. Your head is empty, null and void of any kind of sense. You become a complete idiot. Indoctrination has to come to an end.

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