Thursday 11 October 2018

Aaj Ka Ghair Muslim Musalmano Se Mutasir Kiyon Nahen?

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Younus AlGohar answers a question from viewer Abdul Ghani Soomro, who asked how Muslims can successfully convince non-Muslims to convert to Islam.

Main points:

- Non-Muslims are unimpressed by Muslims because the worship and religious rites carried out by Muslims today have not reformed their characters. Non-Muslims see that Muslims worship and then they commit fraud, lie and go back on their promises. The non-Muslims now believe that if Islam was truthful, Muslims would not have any of these vices in their characters. What non-Muslims do not know is that the worship carried out by Muslims today is incomplete and so they do not accurately represent Islam.

- The Koran prescribes Salat as a type of medicine to the True Believers, which stops them from committing wrongdoings and immorality. If a Muslim performs Salat and as a result, he does not commit wrongdoings or immorality, a non-Muslim will have to ponder, what is he doing which is bringing a change in his character?

- The number of people in the mosques is ever-increasing, but how many people's characters are being reformed by their religious practices? Clerics today seize the property of poor people and build their mosques there. Smugglers fund the construction of mosques with dirty money. How can such mosques render guidance? When God does not deprive anyone of their properties or rights, how many people do this in the name of building a 'house of God'? This practice in society suggests that people know the letter of the law, but they lack its meaning.

- People who watch Younus AlGohar's discourses on ALRA TV - whether they are Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Christian or even atheists, they leave satisfied and impressed. This is because we talk about God's love and mercy; we give God's true message. We give the sinners hope and invite them to adopt the path towards purification.

- You will only impress the non-Muslims when you yourself become a True Believer, a true member of the Muslim Nation. This will only happen when divine energy enters your heart and when you quit sectarianism. They will only be impressed by you when what you say is also what is in your heart and when you behave the same way with non-Muslims that you do with Muslims. In Prophet Mohammad's era, people believed in him due to his sublime character first.

- Your worship is being wasted. Your worship is only valid when your heart is present. You must bring divine energy into your heart, and you can only do this with spiritual knowledge. Without the revival of the heart, your worship is like a gun without bullets. The people who had this knowledge were the saints. Today, the so-called 'Pirs' in Pakistan have made an industry of 'sainthood' - they gather donations and take advantage of people. The leader of the Pir Industry in Pakistan is Tahir ul Qadri. A true saint of God will purify your Lower Self and remove the vices from your heart; he will bring God's image upon your heart.

- We began this campaign to raise awareness of spiritual knowledge after being in His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi's auspicious company. God's name resounds in people's hearts when they come here, that is why they stay with this movement. Otherwise, they would run away. This is why ALRA TV's subscriber count has grown exponentially. People are reaping the spiritual benefits of this knowledge - and most importantly, having come under the spiritual concentration of HDE Gohar Shahi, hatred is being removed from their hearts.


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