Saturday 20 October 2018

Azmat-e-Mustafa (saw) Ka Raaz

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In Part 2 of his extraordinary, mind-boggling explanation of Koran 42:52, Younus AlGohar divulges perhaps the most hidden element of Prophet Mohammad's eminence: the Rouha.

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This is an advanced lecture suitable for those who have a background in Koranic studies and Sufism. It is highly recommended that you, in order to understand this speech fully, read 'The Religion of God (Divine Love)' by His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi.


Main points:

- Unfortunately, interpreters of the Koran have simply been copying the explanations of the Koran given by interpreters before them. This is the reason why all interpreters declared that the word ‘Rouh (Soul)’ means ‘The Koran’.  If Muslims want guidance, they will have to take back the responsibility of studying the religion themselves. We use the word ‘Wahi’ to refer to the God’s Word that has been revealed to the prophets. However, the original meaning of ‘Wahi’ itself in Suryani (Syriac) is ‘a breath.’ So in Koran 42:53, God says, ‘The Soul we breathed into you.’

- There is a difference between the word ‘Rouh’ and ‘Rouha’, both which roughly translate into the English word ‘Soul’. ‘Rouh’ means a soul that is the creation. On the other hand, the Rouha is, in reality, a hybrid. Prophet Mohammad had a Rouha. God placed the ability in it to switch between manifesting qualities of the creator and the creation. This is an example of how God himself is Love, Lover and Beloved. This is why God sometimes said to Prophet Mohammad, ‘It was not your hand that threw the sand, it was mine.’ The Koran is full of evidence to support this.

- His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi wrote in the Religion of God that there 14 000 different Adams were created. One of the Adams was named ‘Rouha’. This was because, after 1000 years, he could transform into a snake and back again. The Rouha Adam was created only to serve as an example: if human beings could switch between being a human and being an animal, then why could this not be the case for the creator and creation?

- This divine secret is beyond the Station of Divine Unity.  Prophet Mohammad was always in God’s proximity and Rapturous Love; he had no need for the Book or faith. God sent the Koran and faith for the benefit of common people. Faith is when divine energy enters the heart, however, Prophet Mohammad is by nature divine energy. Therefore, he has no need for it.

- Mansoor Hallaj did not have a Rouha. He had been granted a portion of divine energy from God’s essence. When that divine energy raced through his veins, the words slipped out from his tongue, ‘I am God.’ He thought God had dissolved in him, however, he was wrong. He simply couldn’t understand what was happening to him. Although he was a saint or God and accepted by God, the laws of Sharia were implemented against him in order to avoid any potential mischief to the religion caused by his claims.


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