Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Pak Islami Mahine Aur Bedari e Qalb ki Ehmiyat

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Younus AlGohar's food for thought about the Muslim World's approach to certain sacred days and months in Islam and their part-time practice of the religion.

Main points:

- No month is 'impure'. There is benevolence to be obtained from Ramadan and Muharram, however the majority of people do not know how. Therefore, for them, it doesn't matter if a month is 'pure' or not - they all pass the same.

- The special night, Laila tul Qadr, comes every year. It is better than 1000 months of sincere worship, which means 83 years. In other words, if one obtains the spiritual benefits of Laila tul Qadr, that is enough for their entire lifetime. The thing is: you must possess the thing which enables you to obtain the blessings of God rendered on the auspicious night of Laila tul Qadr. You need your heart and soul revived.

- In Pakistan, Muslims' approach to the religion is seasonal. When it is Muharram, they talk about the Prophet Mohammad's Household. When it is 12 Rabi ul Awwal (Prophet Mohammad's Birthday), they only talk about Prophet Mohammad - but the moment the day is over, it is like they do not know who Prophet Mohammad is. During Ramadan, people take on a religious getup and listen to recitations of the holy text. They have made a mockery out of the religion.

- People think Friday is a holy day, therefore the trend for the majority of them is that they only worship on Fridays. They practically think they are exempt from praying five times a day (which is obligatory in the religion). This practice is so common in Pakistan that it is a running joke - people say they only worship 'Friday to Friday'.

- You cannot worship only during certain sacred months and forget about your religious obligations during the rest of the year. Islam is an entire lifestyle and when you adopt Islam, you have to 'enter it completely', as the Koran 2:208 declares. To enter Islam completely means that your inner and outer being must adopt Islam. Your tongue, body, heart, soul and Lower Self must all practise Islam. It is not a part-time job - if you treat Islam as a part-time job, you will not reap any benefits from it.


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