Tuesday 30 October 2018

Kiya Aaj Ke Dour Mein Jihad Jayez Hai? | ALRA TV | Younus AlGohar

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Younus AlGohar's irrefutable verdict on the permissibility of Jihad today in light of the statements of Prophet Mohammad.

Main points:

- When Prophet Mohammad entered Mecca victorious and an Islamic state was established there, he declared forgiveness for all. The people whom the Muslims had been battling were now helpless and in need of mercy, so Prophet Mohammad forgave them. He did not have them killed.

- When Islam was introduced in the Arabian peninsula, it was introduced gradually. There was a tribal system and culture in place and God disapproved of many of the Arabs' traditions - however, God did not immediately ban all of such traditions, lest the Arabs think that their culture was under attack. When Islam was established, the focus was on the gradual, spiritual reformation of the people. One verse at a time was made obligatory upon them, not the entire Koran all at once.

- The Arabs were warriors by nature. They were accustomed to bloodshed. There were ongoing tribal feuds between them which would last generations - this was part of their culture. The teachings of Islam directly attacked their tribal system and culture. When Islam was established, the tribal system and the leaders of the tribal system felt threatened by the presence of the new ethical system that Islam introduced. It was a new spiritual system in which everyone was invited.

- So the Companions were used to fighting. Then Mecca was conquered and there were no more enemies to fight. Islam was no longer in imminent danger. However, the Muslims would sharpen their swords and ask Prophet Mohammad when the next Jihad would be. This was the time when Prophet Mohammad issued a revolutionary statement. Prophet Mohammad said, 'The time for Jihad (with the Sword) is over.' Prophet Mohammad said, 'It is time to move from the Jihad al Asghar (Lesser Struggle) to the Jihad al Akbar (Greater Struggle).' Jalaluddin Suyuti, Abul Qasim Nishapuri, Mullah Ali Qari, the Taba Taba'in, Karbasi and all other grand Mutawalli and interpreters all say that this is the moment when Prophet Mohammad abrogated Jihad with the Sword.

- For many centuries, the Muslims lived with the understanding that Prophet Mohammad abrogated Jihad with the Sword and now the Greater Jihad was to wage a war against your Lower Self. But then came Ibn Taymiyyah, who rejected this statement by Prophet Mohammad and said that Jihad with the Sword should be carried out. He was denounced by everyone in his lifetime; however, when Abdul Wahhab Najadi was born many years later, he reestablished the poisonous ideology of Ibn Taymiyyah from Najd. He did this for his own agenda: so that in the Arabian Peninsula, the essence of Islam would be put aside and the Arabian culture would be reestablished over the essence of Islam. And he targeted the bond of affinity and servitude of Muslims with Prophet Mohammad so that when the bond of affinity is weakened, the importance of the words of Prophet Mohammad diminishes. And people no longer pay heed to the words and narrations of the Prophet. The foundation of Islam was obliterated by attacking the sanctity of the Prophet Mohammad.

- The concept of 'Jihad by the Sword', which had been abrogated by the Prophet, was brought to life again by the Wahhabis. Mischief and strife prevailed! And today, yet again, Imam Mehdi (as) is inviting mankind to turn towards the Greater Struggle (Jihad al Akbar) from the Lesser Struggle (Jihad al Asghar). Let us combat the greater enemy: the negative force within you.  And this war will not be fought with the sword, rather with divine energy. In this era, the inner struggle is more important than it has ever been. To wage a war against your own evil inside you - this is Jihad.


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