Sunday 21 October 2018

Lataif Ke Batni Maqamat Aur Un Ke Kaam

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Younus AlGohar's answers a viewer's question about the souls in the human body and their various functions in this informative video.

Main points:
- There are five subtleties in the human chest, from left to right: The Qalb (Spiritual Heart), the Sirri (The Secret), the Akhfah (The Obscure), the Khafi (The Arcane) and the Rouh (Main Human Soul). There is a soul in the forehead, the Ana, and there is a soul at the naval point, the Nafs (Lower Self). The Ana relates to the Realm of Divine Oneness and the Lower Self relates to this phenomenal world.

- The Spiritual Heart is the most important subtlety in spirituality. If the inner faculty of a human being is a room, the Spiritual Heart is the door to the room. The Spiritual Heart is the gateway to your inner being. All worship and their acceptance relate to the Spiritual Heart. It acts as a telephone operator between man and God.

- The Main Human Soul is your reality. The Khafi relates to the veil of the Realm of Divine Oneness. The Sirri helps you discover the secrets of God. The Akhfah also relates to the Throne of God. The Akhfah's physical function is to make the tongue speak. Its spiritual function is that it can speak without using your tongue and those with enlightened Akhfahs can hear its voice.

- The Ana, the soul in the forehead, relates to the realm where God resides. Its sole function is to see God. There are three veils upon it: The Veil of Negative Energy, the Satanic Veil and the Veil of Divine Energy. When all three veils are removed with the help of a Perfect Spiritual Guide, one can progress to the stage of witnessing the divine splendour.

- Sub-spirits are the children of your souls. The Spiritual Heart has three sub-spirits, the Lower Self has four sub-spirits and the Main Human Soul has two sub-spirits. So, including your body, you have the potential to be in seventeen places at once.


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