Wednesday 24 October 2018

Ishq e Rasool (saw): Quran Aur Hadees Ki Roshni Mein

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Younus AlGohar comprehensive answers a viewer's question about what is means to actually and factually love the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in light of the Koran and Prophetic Traditions.

Main points:

- When a man came and told Prophet Mohammad that he wanted to love him, Prophet Mohammad advised him to adopt the teachings of Faqr (Spiritual Poverty), for Prophet Mohammad's love is attached to this knowledge and Prophet Mohammad takes pride in it.

- There are two categories of love for Prophet Mohammad: 1 - to love Prophet Mohammad in his personal capacity; 2 - to love him as a transition to obtain God’s love. Even if loving Prophet Mohammad is not your goal, loving Prophet Mohammad is the medium through which you will obtain God's love and faith. It is how you will become a True Believer.

- There are four parts to Sharia (the sacred law): The Koran, Sunnah (Customs of Prophet Mohammad), Qiyas and Ijma. All four parts of Sharia indicate Prophet Mohammad's love as being of utmost importance. The Koran 3:31 says that those who want to love God should follow Prophet Mohammad and as a result of them following Prophet Mohammad, God would love them. Sunnah: according to Prophet Mohammad, 'Not one of you can become a True Believer until you love me more than your parents, everybody else and your own life.'  Ijma: to obey Prophet Mohammad is to obey God. Qiyas: to love Prophet Mohammad is a sign of faith.

- In the Koran 94:7, God tells Prophet Mohammad that in the evening when he is free from his daily duties as prophet, he should perform Spiritual Journey and direct his attention towards his Lord. In order to follow this particular Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad, your inner being has to carry out the same activity that Prophet Mohammad's souls carried out: during this time, they would travel to God. So you will need to adopt the esoteric Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad.

- Prophet Mohammad's esoteric worship is Faqr (Spiritual Poverty). Faqr is to eradicate everything for except God from your heart and being. When this happens and, from head to toe, you are filled with divine energy, then this is Faqr. When you will obtain spiritual association with Prophet Mohammad, your heart will be connected to Prophet Mohammad's heart. From there, you will receive the spiritual benevolence of Faqr. The souls in your chest will be attached to the souls in Prophet Mohammad's chest. This attachment is known as love of Prophet Mohammad.


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