Monday 16 July 2018

Elaan-e-Mehdi | Sayedna Gohar Shahi Ki Manchester Mein Khaas Nashist

An exclusive clip of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi’s subtle announcement of Mehdihood during a private gathering on 8 August 1994.

Main points:

- Imam Mehdi will be among the people. God will appoint Imam Mehdi to be for the entire world, therefore, they will all find out about Imam Mehdi at the same time. God’s announcement for the world is to make Imam Mehdi’s image prominent on the Moon.

- Having seen the image on the Moon, some will recognise it is the truth and they will support Imam Mehdi. On the other hand, some sects will call it magic and reject it; they will eventually join the Antichrist.

- The Satan has two ways to destroy a person: either to make them subject to a superiority complex or an inferiority complex. A man should not be subject to either; they should remain neutral. Clerics tend to have a superiority complex.

- If you bear enmity for a man of God who has the presence of God in him, your faith will be confiscated. When the Antichrist comes, 70 000 clerics will pledge allegiance to him. The Antichrist will be arrogant like the clerics and filled with all sorts of vices and negative energy. Inside, they will be the same which is why they are attracted to the Antichrist.

- Those who have divine energy in their hearts will support Imam Mehdi. I am bringing divine energy into your heart steadily so that when Imam Mehdi comes, recognise him and support him. Imam Mehdi has arrived but he is yet to be declared. It will happen soon.


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