Friday 27 July 2018

Konsa Firqa Jannat Mein Jaye Ga?

Younus AlGohar explains which sect of Islam will be granted entry into paradise. A conclusive speech on the prophecy of Prophet Mohammad (saw) in regards to the 73 sects in Islam.

Main points:

- Prophet Mohammad declared, ‘The Jews will have 72 sects and my nation will have one more than them.’ This is why it is understood that there are 73 sects within Islam. Secondly, the Prophet said 72 of those sects will be Nari and one will be Naji.

- Nari means evil therefore the 72 sects will enter hellfire. Who are the Naji? Naji comes from the Arabic word Najat which means to save one’s self or salvation. So a Naji is one who is worthy of obtaining salvation.

- All the sects within Islam practise the fundamental rituals of the religion such as offering Salat, observing fasts, giving religious tax and performing Hajj. How will we know who is the one Naji sect?

- The knowledge we possess has nothing to do with salvation or healing. The knowledge given to us by His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi is that of God’s rapturous love and nearness which is above and beyond salvation.

- The correct method of Islam is declaration of the tongue and affirmation of the heart.

- Guidance is obtained two ways: through the book and through Divine Light. God has created such a vast universe, he would not have done so without a plan B.

- Every messenger brought down a celestial book and they all became subject to alteration and modification so it is not a new thing. But Muslims are under the impression that their celestial book is protected by God so it cannot be altered. If that is the case then why are they divided into 73 sects?

- God’s plan B was to guide humanity through Divine Light. If you wish to obtain guidance through Divine Light then you will have to go to the Sufi and saints because they have the knowledge about which Prophet Mohammad said: I am the City of knowledge and Ali is the gateway.

- This is the spiritual, esoteric knowledge and it is still present to this day. It is transferred from heart to heart.


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