Wednesday 11 July 2018

Kiya Deobandi Aur Wahhabi Imam Ke Peechay Namaz Parh Saktay Hain?

Younus AlGohar answers a viewer’s question:

Is it necessary to offer Salat behind a Wahhabi or Deobandi Imam?

- The important thing is for your Salat to reach God and it is not conditional who you offer Salat behind. The condition is that your Spiritual Heart must be awakened. Prophet Mohammad (saw) said: There is no Salat without the presence of the heart.

- When you awaken your Spiritual Heart then it makes no difference who is leading the Salat, whether it is a Sunni, Shiite, Wahhabi or Deobandi because your heart will take your Salat to God. Whereas, if your Spiritual Heart is not awakened then even if you offer Salat behind the Imam of Kaaba, you have not reached God.

- Those who have awakened their heart, it doesn’t matter whether they offer Salat in a group or alone, it will reach God. The Salat that reaches God is known as the Meraaj (Culmination) of a Momin (True Believer). The Salat that hasn’t reached God is the missed one, but people think the Salat they have not offered is missed.

- When you miss a Salat you would most likely go to offer it when you can. However, God’s instruction in the Koran is: when you miss your Salat then do not offer Salat, engage in the remembrance (Invocation) of God. The type of Dhikr should be one which you do while standing, sitting and tossing and turning in your bed (sleeping).


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