Sunday 22 July 2018

Quran Mein Hasool e Islam Ka Tareeqa

Younus AlGohar explains what the true explanation and implementation of Islam is in light of the Koran.

Main points:

We tell people that in the end times, Imam Mehdi will introduce God’s religion. Clerics try to prove us wrong by referring certain verses of the Koran, such as Koran 3:85 which advises people not to adopt any other religion besides Islam. However, the Koran 30:30  says, ‘O’ Mohammad, turn your face towards Deen-e-Hanif when it comes. For it is the religion to be established in the future, but the majority of human beings are unaware of it.’ When this verse of the Koran was revealed, Islam had already been established.

Every single person who follows Deen-e-Hanif will be on the Straight Path leading towards God, whereas God told Muslims to pray to be shown the Straight Path. The Straight Path is when God’s name has entered your heart and there is divine energy in your heart. Then, whether you worship according to Islam, Hinduism or Christianity is a secondary issue. The main issue is a connection to God.  The purpose of Deen-e-Hanif is to make every human heart the divine abode.

The most beautiful explanation of Islam by God is in Koran 39:22. ‘If someone wishes to adopt Islam, they must open their chest with God’s name.’ This is spiritual knowledge. The 5 Grand Messengers’ Prophethoods are related to the 5 subtleties of the breast; when you have obtained benevolence of all 5 subtleties, that is Islam. Whereas those whose hearts are so hard that God’s name doesn’t enter it are subject to destruction and this is open misguidance. The worship of such an individual is wasted.

If you ask different sects how to adopt Islam, they will tell you to wear an Imama or beard or perform Salat. But they don’t even know who Salat was made obligatory for. Koran 29:45 says that Salat stops you from doing bad things– but many people perform Salat yet are involved in all sorts of sins. Prophet Mohammad said, ‘Salat is non-existent in the absence of your heart.’ What will change you is the enlightenment of the heart.

 To enter Islam, we need to obtain Shahr-e-Sadr (Opening of the Chest with God’s Name) by enlightening the souls within our breast.  The knowledge of this became extinct in Islam and it was only after this that the religion was divided into different sects. The implementation of Shahr-e-Sadr is, in reality, the implementation of Islam. Today the method of adopting Islam mentioned in the Koran is not to be seen in practice.

This is the reason God explained that Imam Mehdi would make The Religion of God widespread. God doesn’t worship; Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism etc. are not his own religion. God’s religion is love: he is the Beloved, the Lover and Love. In this religion, the seekers’ inner faculties are spiritualised and they one day go to witness the divine splendour. When they do, their love for God is converted to Rapturous Love of God. The Religion of God began with Prophet Mohammad teaching the hearts to recite the Kalima (Declaration of Faith) and culminates in Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi teaching the souls to recite it. 


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